September 21, 2014

Marriage Can Endure…



In 1999 a magazine approached me with a request: would I do a piece for them on a couple celebrating their 70th anniversary? You can read about their life together on a previous post, on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS:  SEVENTY YEARS OF LOVE . While doing the interview for the article I snapped the following picture:


Seventy years of marriage. Anyone marrying that long ago would expect to be married until death—that the marriage vows that state as long as you live, ‘til death you do part are serious business. Marriages would endure.

It is unlikely that my husband Monte and I will celebrate 70 years of marriage. However, our marriage has lasted longer than most—we celebrated 40 years on September 3 in this year of 2014, by having An Apple Cider Adventure . We look forward to our 50th in two years.


My grandparents, Albert and Mable (May Isabelle) married in 1920, and separated by my grandmother’s death 35 years later. The gloves she wore in her wedding were laid over my daughters Bible when she was married in 2008. The gloves, to me, represent marital stability. They endured for 88 years and remain in good condition.


In the box with the gloves was a (more…)

September 20, 2014

Endurance Illustrated Photographically



The WordPress weekly photo challenge for September 19, 2014, is endurance—to show what endurance means to me. I can best do this by photographing examples of others who demonstrate what endurance is.

The hands of my late elderly aunt, Nyllis Gardner (Cape Cod, Massachusetts), were so crippled by arthritis I wondered how she could hold a spoon to eat. Yet she endured pain, struggling to hand-stitch many Barbie doll clothes that were sold at her church bazaar. She allowed me to photograph her hands during one of my visits.

980903-14 OVAL

980903-09 OVAL

Nature, too, can endure. It may be mid-September but some blooms refuse to accept that their season is done. There are yellow blooms on a forsythia bush near my local post office, and four crocus are blooming under my apple tree. And my morning glories produced their first blooms on September 14.

 140918 IMG_7183E (more…)

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