February 3, 2011

Women, the Super Bowl, and Heart Attacks




Dinasaur in Ligonier Valley Library, Ligonier PA

February 4, 2011, is National Wear Red Day, a day set aside to raise awareness for women’s heart health and the effect of heart disease on women.


Super Bowl fans, watch out: If you’re a Packers or Steelers fan and your team begins to lose, the resulting stress could trigger a heart attack. “It is known that stressors such as intense sporting events may increase cardiac event rates in fans…” researchers report.

A recent study by a Los Angeles researcher at the Heart Institute of Good Samaritan Hospital and a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California has found that not only men but women can be susceptible to a heart attack while or after watching the Super Bowl.

  • A 1980 study of cardiac events and Super Bowl suggests that cardiac deaths in both women and men increased for fans of the losing side.
  • A 1984 study suggested that cardiac deaths decrease for fans of the winning team.

     The studies, based on the 1980 Los Angeles Super Bowl loss and the 1984 Super Bowl win showed that the loss “triggered more (more…)

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