January 15, 2010

The Partners in Progress Mission Project in Haiti



Monte W. Holland


     A member of the Beanery Writers Group (Latrobe, PA), Claudette, travelled to Haiti on January 12, 2010, on a mission trip to teach women how to create a business so they could have an income.

     Claudette arrived in Haiti four hours before the earthquake struck. She made it to where she was going, beyond the city on a hill, in time to miss being in Port au Prince when the quake hit. Only one brief message has made it through—a Facebook post—which said that she and the others with her are all safe.

     Her mission, I am sure, has changed. With her knowledge of French, and the fact that she is with a nurse and a doctor, it’s certain that she is doing some needed recovery work.

     Her plans were to return to her southwestern Pennsylvania home on January 26.  


In July 2003, my husband Monte, a United Methodist Church pastor, and I took a three month retirement trip, traveling the coast of New England. He wrote the following post at my request.

Other than navigation, searching out lodging, and doing genealogical research, our travels included my preaching at nine different New England churches. My message focused on mission—preaching about its nature by calling upon my mission trip to Mexico. I painted a perspective on mission that I conveyed as best I could in the churches we visited.

     However, on a late September Sunday, the tables were turned. We were attending services at the York-Ogunquit United Methodist Church near our cottage at Cape Neddick, Maine. To our surprise they had a mission speaker, the Reverend David Kerr, former head of the New England Conference Council, who was now retired. He spoke about the Partners in Development, Inc. Project in Haiti. His Scripture, the feeding of the five thousand, took the viewpoint (more…)


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