September 7, 2008



     The following is a description of the Flight 93 Crash Site Memorial formed spontaneously following the September 11 events. The scene evolved over the years, and is now being moved in preparation for a major memorial construction.
     A small parking lot on the left side of Skyline Drive, Stoneybrook Township, has four Portapotties. Beyond them, on a distant hill, under high voltage lines spanning open fields, two obsolete cranes stretch skyward.
     A parking area on the right roadside abuts the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial site.
     Restrictions, enforced by the Somerset County Sheriffs Deputies, are posted: “No solicitation, concessions, brochures or advertisements; No installation of structure, permanent or otherwise; No planting of flowers, trees or shrubs; No loitering or overnight parking.”
     A sign on a gray hut donated by the Assateague Island National Seashore requests Please do not (more…)

July 28, 2008

QUECREEK MINE DISASTER: A 21st Century Historical Site in Somerset County, PA

United Airline Flight 93 Temporary Crash Site Memorial; United Airline Flight 93
Memorial Chapel and the Quecreek Mine Rescue Site

       Visitors flock to three isolated, tranquil Laurel Mountain Ridge sites, each commemorating recent rather than past history. Two involve the crash of United Airline Flight 93, Sept. 11, 2001; the third, the Quecreek Mine rescue, July 2002.
      The evolving sites have different sponsorships—two are private; the third involves the government. Regardless, their sentiments are similar, predominated by mourning, hope and remembrance; love of God and country; appreciation and gratitude for heroic actions. Missing are references to the hijackers, four of the fatalities, and messages of anger, revenge, hate or politics.
      The temporary sites are constantly reshaped with memorabilia left by visitors. Leaving a part of themselves may be the only way visitors can weave their own story into these historical events.
      The following post is on the Quecreek Mine Rescue site, where the ground was recently broken for a museum building.


Photo Illustrations:

     Several miles from the September 11, 2001, Flight 93 crash site near Somerset, Pennsylvania, is the 212-year-old Dormel Farm, site of the Quecreek Mine rescue. The sacred land just off State Route 985, is owned by Bill and Lori Arnold.
    It took only a moment for miners to break a wall releasing over 55 million gallons of rushing, chilly water; it took 77 hours




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