June 28, 2012

Air Show in Latrobe (PA) Features the Navy Blue Angels


AIR SHOW IN LATROBE (Pennslyvania)


I wasn’t seated in the best spot to watch the Westmoreland County Air Show last weekend. I wasn’t on the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport  (Latrobe, Pennsylvania) tarmac.

I was on a grassy hill on the nearby St. Vincent College campus.

I chose being in the shade because I had a lobster-red sunburn acquired on Lake Erie during a visit there—at a time when the temperatures reached almost as high as the century mark that many persons seek to live to. Being with my two young grandsons I stayed in the water too long. But then, that’s another story.

My choice of watching the show from the college campus meant I could watch the show while luxuriating in the shade of a canopy of limbs belonging to old unidentified trees.

It also meant I would miss all the activities below the tree line and on the ground—among them the Smoke ‘N Thunder jet car run, the Medical helicopter demonstration with local Emergency Medical Services, and the Alabama Boys, Greg Koontz comedy routine and truck top landing (this last I watched today on the Internet:

I also missed an up-close view of the North American B-25 Mitchell medium-range bomber, a World War II relic. The B-25s were used by Lt. Col. James Doolittle and his men who flew the first raid over Tokyo in April 1942, about four months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.3


More important, I missed being in as close a proximity to the Navy’s Blue Angels as was possible, which meant that I lost opportunity to nudge up to a pilot who was willing to (more…)

June 21, 2009

A Father-Daughter reunion after 30 years



    On this Father’s Day, 2009, I decided to review some letters I received from my father and to journal the first of our two reunions.

     I wear my Cornell University jacket and cap very proudly and very humbly.

     And not, in the least bit, deceitfully.

     No, I did not attend or graduate from Cornell University, I tell people who want to know. However, I did attend “Cornell University”—the “Cornell University of (more…)

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