January 9, 2014

Popovers Made With a Blender

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Hug for Tim


I spread softened butter onto the pastry on my plate. As I did so, the butter dribbled over my fingertips. I reached for the orange marmalade and added it to the pastry before picking up the popover and trying to graciously bite into it. The butter and jelly oozed out onto my hands and had I not quickly leaned over my plate it would have dripped onto my white winter sweater.
How, I wondered, does anyone eat one of these delectables in a civilized manner?


I learned a sneaky trick when entertaining people who didn’t know each other. I served something worse than spaghetti, an item which I never saw anyone eat without, somehow, staining some of their clothing.

This recipe is messier than spaghetti.

Because it cannot be eaten politely—it drips and goos with hot butter and other fillingS—it “breaks the ice” among persons just becoming acquainted.

What better way to break the ice and form new relationships than laughter, laughter over seeing (more…)

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