April 14, 2010

Punishment or Neglect: Neither is Correct



Neither is correct

About Carolyn: I wrote, received, and administered a Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund grant, which was designed to heal adults of their childhood abuse, enabling them to break the chain of abuse with their children. Within the grant I taught community members how to be first-responders to domestic violence/child abuse, ran a family support program and counseled adults to aid them in the healing process.

     The media reports of a Palm Bay, Florida eight year old girl not only having her mouth washed out with a bar of Irish Spring soap, but being forced to eat it too, brought to the forefront some not-so-fond childhood memories .

     I recall my step-father washing my mouth out with soap. I also remember watching him do the same thing to one of my younger siblings—his biological children. I was eleven or more years older than the preschoolers I was observing.

     The Florida man was the father of a younger child in the household, and, according to his mother, Adriyanna Herdener, he is the head of the household. She deferred the punishment to him.

     This was an example of simple punishment becoming what police called a (more…)

April 5, 2009

April Days to Celebrate



     It’s April 1. I’ve had six different persons wish me a happy birthday. One wished me a happy fake birthday. Another wished me a happy unbirthday.  
     OK. So it is not my OFFICIAL birthday. It’s an alternate birthday celebration in response to having been born at a time of the year when a birthday is secondary to a holiday celebration. Thus, when I turned forty, and considered it my right to reveal my hidden eccentricity (OK, so not so hidden), I chose an alternate day to celebrate. My criteria: a date (more…)

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