January 5, 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt for 8/18/2013: Procrastination


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Today’s date: January 5, 2014


 The WordPress daily prompt for August 18, 2013, was procrastination.

I was writing it on November 24, 2013. Today, January 5, 2014, is the day I’m publishing it.

I ask you: Is this procrastination or what?


Question: What have I been putting off doing?

My answer: Responding to this post.

Question: Why was I procrastinating?

Answer: It was filed in an out-of-sight site, which was temporarily abandoned for more recent items that would later receive the same treatment.

Simply put, by filing it out of site I could procrastinate and neglect to follow it through. I do that with many items that cross my desk. In fact, paper items crossing my desk are so prolific it’s easy to procrastinate.

I procrastinate on other things too. For example, bunnies and kittens are adorable. Soft fur, snuggly, good companions. However, their fur contributes to what we, for some reason, we call dust bunnies—or dust kittens. These are not so cuddly as they gather under our couches, along the edges of our floors, under our beds. When I operated a child care home, I found a creative means of dealing with the dust bunnies a. k. a. dust kittens. The children decorated a jar, and every morning they opened it to feed their pet bunny or kitty as many (more…)

November 30, 2013

New Words: Selfie, Footle, Splenetic, & Twerk




Today I’m introducing four new-to-me words:

  • Selfie
  • Footle
  • Splenetic
  • Twerk

Selfie: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. Selfie was chosen as the Oxford Dictionaries 2013 word of the year.

Footle: Act foolishly, as by talking nonsense—classifed as a verb of political and social activities and events

I found this word in a Colin McNickle opinion column in which he explained the word dates back to 1892, and means talking or acting foolishly or wasting time.

Splenetic: of or relating to the spleen, affected by ill humor or irritability; a person regarded as irritable. I came across this word in the novel The Coquette (page 265).

Twerk:  dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting. Twerk was NOT the word of the year in 2013, being beaten out in a close race by the word selfie.


Melanie became splenetic when she heard a friend describe her as footle after her twerk performance, during which she uploaded a selfie on her social media accounts.


(A NaBloPoMo post)

November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013: To Shop or Not to Shop

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Hug for Joanne


Heroes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, in all kinds of situations.

From a Pizza Hut Official Statement: This was clearly an unfortunate situation…

Manager Tony Rohr balked at opening the Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving.

In fact, he did more than balk. The 10-yrear employee refused to open the Indiana franchise where he was manager. He didn’t want to force his staff to work on this family holiday.

He was asked to write a letter of resignation.

He took responsibility for his decision in a letter explaining his actions, according to what he told CNN affiliate WSBT:

“I said, ‘Why can’t we be the company that stands up and says we care about your employees and you can have the day off?’ Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two days that they’re closed in the whole year. And they’re the only two days that those people are guaranteed to have off to spend with their families.” Who wants to work on Thanksgiving?

Rohr said he refused to quit and detailed his frustration in the letter.

“I accept that the refusal to comply with this greedy, immoral request means the end of my tenure with this company. I hope you realize that it is the people at the bottom of the totem pole that make your life possible.”

He said he was fired shortly after.

The Pizza Hut Official Statement continued: …and we are very upset by what has transpired in Elkhart, Indiana. While the choice as to whether a restaurant should be open or closed on a holiday is handled at the local level by our independent franchisees, we feel strongly that this situation could have been avoided. We respect an employee’s decision (more…)

November 28, 2013

WP Daily Prompt 11/16/2013: FAQ—Thanksgiving Questions to Chief Tom Turkey

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Hugs for al my friends, near and far

WP Daily Prompt 11/16/2013: FAQ—Thanksgiving Questions to Chief Tom Turkey



Written by Cochran Cornell the Cantankerous Cockroach

The WordPress Daily Prompt for November 16, 2013, was FAQInterview someone—a friend, another blogger, your mother, the mailman—and write a post based on their responses. Being as it’s Thanksgiving and I am quite busy, I asked Cochran Cornell the Cantankerous Cockroach if he’d write this post for me.

“I guess so,” he said in a tone in which I detected a lack of enthusiasm.

“And no shenanigans,” I added. “It’s Thanksgiving, and interviewing Chief Tom Turkey is important. He doesn’t give interviews to just anybody. You might want to read about the Henningsen Cold Storage Col in Stilwell, Oklahoma, before you leave.”

“I read that article yesterday while you were reading it,” huffed Cochran.

“You don’t have to get snippy with me. Now off you go to find Chief Turkey. And I expect your article to be on my computer before I go to bed at 3:30 a. m. so I can post it at the regular time, 3:00 a. m.”


I found Chief Tom Turkey safe at a residence on the banks of the Jordan River in Lamoine, Maine, where he was keeping a low profile under the protective wing of the property owner who didn’t want to be identified.

“It’s a safe place here,” Chief Turkey said. “I’ve sent an invitation to Popcorn to join me.”

“Popcorn?” I queried.’

“Yes…he’s the lucky turkey President Obama pardoned…”

“That’s right. Every year the President pardons a turkey.”

“It’s a holiday ritual,” said Chief Turkey. “It kind of began when Abraham Lincoln saved the life of a dinner-bound turkey his son liked. Since then presidents have been given turkeys by various organizations. Usually they made a meal for the President. It was President John F. Kennedy that started the annual tradition of (more…)

November 27, 2013

WP Daily Prompt for 01/21/2013: Sweet Sixteen

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Hug for 16-year old Jordan

WORDPRESS DAILY PROMPT for January 21 2013

Held over until November 27, 2013:


I didn’t procrastinate

I intentionally held my response to the WordPress Daily Prompt, Sweet Sixteen, posted on January 21, 2013, until November 27, 2013. You see, I knew my granddaughter Jordan would celebrate her sixteenth birthday on this day.

The question the prompt asked was When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is it a good thing?

Thus, on Jordan’s 16th birthday I will first reflect back on my life and dreams when I was 16—back in December 1959.

scan0002E2On that date I lived in a two-bedroom apartment in a Buffalo, New York, housing project behind Kensington High School. Six months previously, on July 4th, my youngest sister Sally was born. She joined siblings Cynthia ((born March 1, 1958), Hugh (born June 4, 1956), Jane (born July 19, 1955), myself, and my older sister, 17. Both my parents held full-time jobs. They slept in the living room. I was a junior at Kensington High School.

I don’t recall my 16th birthday, if it was even recognized in the chaos.

What I do recall is the realization that I wouldn’t repeat the lifestyle I was in the midst of. Crying babies. Yelling parents. Overcrowding.

My goal was to get a college education and to be financially capable of living a better life. I did volunteer work in the school library, joined the journalism club, was on the yearbook staff. I was active in Junior Achievement, and volunteered at local hospitals during high school. I babysat for money.

I achieved my goal. I didn’t repeat my mother’s lifestyle. And yes, that is a good thing.

I married, had two children. The oldest was Jordan’s mother, Sandy.

86-13-10B E

She doesn’t remember much about her 16th birthday, except she went out on a date with her boyfriend. It was her second date—except for a prom date a couple of weeks earlier she didn’t have permission to date until she was sixteen.

Fast forward to November 23, 2013, Jordan’s 16th birthday party. I never saw her smile so much. Her friends were there, including her boyfriend. Her family was all there.


Her paternal grandmother made her birthday cake. Her father’s country music band provided the entertainment. Her step-father cooked the hot dogs. I didn’t do much—I was supposed to help decorate but fell and pulled some stuff in my knee. I was in pain.  However, I managed to do what I do at all events, exercise my trigger finger. I shot lots of pictures.IMG_4146E


Jordan spent most of her time with her friends, surrounded by this family. She ate pizza and hot dogs, blew out the candles on her cake, danced, opened her gifts.IMG_4163E


November 26, 2013


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Hugs for everyone who believes in Santa


November 24, 2013


Fourteen brave souls wearing Santa Hats began the Laurel Mountain Borough Santa Hat Event with a chilly walk along seven of the Borough’s eleven roads.

Leaving Laurel Mountain Park's shelter house

Leaving Laurel Mountain Park’s shelter house

The Santa Hat Walk went as planned except for me—I couldn’t participate. The day before I slid on my stairs and pulled some stuff in my knees. Walking was out.

The walkers, including a preschooler and an octogenarian, were led by Borough homeowner Alice Grasso and her daughter Rachel, a resident.

Half way to the end...

Half way to the end…

The walk ended, as planned, at my house, necessary because we needed to be in reach of a Wi-Fi source in order to connect with the Santa Hat Challenge in Brocton, Massachusetts. The schedule called for a brief program about Santa Clause, with a welcome message, singing, and storytelling.

The Santa Hat Event was sponsored by the Laurel Mountain Park Association backed by the Beanery Writers Group. It was timed simultaneously with the 5th Annual Santa Hat Challenge held in Brocton, Massachusetts. Its purpose of the challenge was to set an intercontinental record for most persons gathering and wearing Santa Hats in recognition of Brocton native James Edgar, the first department store Santa 1890. The original Brocton event was organized by John Merian, a Brocton community businessman.

At 2:00 p. m. Wi-Fi was to enable us to electronically connect with Brocton’s event. I received a call from John’s electronics person Rich, and we walked through connecting through Skype. At that point the connection worked perfectly, and we agreed to reconnect at 1:00p. m.


On Saturday the Laurel Mountain Park plan for the day was changing. The weather was bitter cold, giving us two options: having our post-walk program out in the cold front yard, or moving it into my living room. The shelter house was not an option due to the need for Wi-Fi. At this point we had no idea how many persons would attend.

At mid-morning Sunday Rich, Merian’s electronics advisor, and I connected by Skype. He walked down the street in Brocton to where John had a stage set up. John and I spoke briefly and all was well for our 2:00 p. m scheduled connection.

Brocton, Mass.

Brocton, Mass.

John Merian, initiator of the Santa Hat Challenge

John Merian, initiator of the Santa Hat Challenge

As it turned out, attendance wasn’t (more…)

November 25, 2013

Santa Hat Walk 2013 in Laurel Mountain Borough



November 24, 2013


A mid-20s cold chilled by strong breezes and enhanced by tiny sultry snowflakes drifting through the air didn’t discourage 14 persons from walking almost one mile in Laurel Mountain Borough. The Santa Hats they wore created not only a unique group, but reminded observers that the holiday season is upon us.

Signing in for the Santa Hat Walk.

Signing in for the Santa Hat Walk.

The November 24, 2013, walk was sponsored by the Laurel Mountain Park Association backed by the Beanery Writers Group and was timed simultaneously with the 5th Annual Santa Hat Challenge held which was held in Brocton, Massachusetts. The purpose of the challenge, initiated by Brocton businessman James Merian, is to set a world record for most persons gathering and wearing Santa Hats in recognition of Brocton native James Edgar, the first department store Santa, 1890. The Laurel Mountain Borough event was sponsored by the Laurel Mountain Park Association backed by the Beanery Writers Group (Latrobe, Pennsylvania).

Waiting to start walking

Waiting to start walking

Leaving Laurel Mountain Park's shelter house

Leaving Laurel Mountain Park’s shelter house


A straggler, on time but walkers left early. He must catch up

A straggler, on time but walkers left early. He must catch up


November 24, 2013

Why My Christmas Cactus Blooms on Thanksgiving



Hug for Ben, who just lost his wife.


In early November I glanced at my plants as I checked them for aridness. One, I noticed, had numerous buds at its tips.

During my next week’s watering the plant was half covered in peach colored blooms.

Oh, my, How beautiful. But it never blooms on Christmas, to my disappointment.


Within the week its prolific peachy-hued blooms were  so spectacular they dwarfed the clutter of the room.

I must move it elsewhere, where it has center stage.

I moved it to my newly painted living room, a space cleared from its former clutter, where it stood out against the light olive green walls. The peachy color above the fireplace and in the curtains accented the plant perfectly.

Oh, that my life could offer blooms like that to uplift the persons in my life.


I decided to verify that my plant is a Christmas cactus before completing this post..

And I learned I erred. There is a (more…)

November 23, 2013

I Look Afar…



(A   NaBloPoMo post)


As facilitator of the Beanery Writers Group* I sometimes provide prompts. This particular day I took in photographs and let the writers choose one. Of course, I had to write too—and I chose the following photograph:


My writing (cleaned up a little):

I look afar…

What’s over those distant hills?

I’m stuck, entrapped, by this fence. Yes, it is beautiful, an it keeps me safe, but I feel so limited. My only contact is my two roommates who are at this moment in the barn, and occasionally my master.

There’s a large, strange world over those hills. I yearn for adventure. It’s so quiet here.

I look afar…

*The Beanery Writers Group meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays between 1:00 p.m.and3:00 p. m.

They have an online magazine (inactive at this time, but coming back in January):



NaBloPoMo —National Blog Posting Month 2013


(A NaBloPoMo post)

November 22, 2013

Retro Diner & Lifesaver in Gouverneur, N. Y.



Hug for



(A NaBloPoMo post)


 At the beginning of )ctober 2013, en route home from our New England travels, we stopped at Gouverneur, New York, my husband Monte’s hometown. We ate at the Retro Diner.





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