January 6, 2010

These Gifts Won’t Be Regifted



     This morning, January 5, 2010, I am enjoying writing in what I call my “kitchen-porch” (the eating area of our kitchen is a closed in sun porch), surrounded by windows from which I am viewing snow-laden trees and woods. Mixed in with the gently falling snow are occasional larger snow-chunks, falling off trees when there is a gust of wind, creating the appearance of a blizzard. The view is even more pleasant when birds come to snack on the feeders that I could reach out and touch if it weren’t for the glass window-wall.

     One of my two major writing projects for January is an after-life fiction short-story, based on the true 1673 of Thomas Cornell, who was convicted of murdering his mother, Rebecca Cornell, and hanged May 23 that year on Miantonomi Hill in Newport. To view a photograph of the hill, click on:

     My main resource for the story, to be included in an anthology, is the book Killed Strangely: The Death of Rebecca Cornell, a historical account written by Elaine Forman Crane. To view an illustration, click on:

     Having accepted this project in December, I wanted a copy of (more…)

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