July 10, 2010

Mika’s Escapades



      My restaurant leftover doggy bag meal went to the dog—literally.

     The July 6th evening was just cool enough to sit on the patio, where I was enjoying leftover spaghetti and meatballs from the previous night’s dinner at a local restaurant—a two-for-one deal where only half the spaghetti was sufficient for me, so I made two meals out of the serving, making it a three-for-one deal.

Ummm...ummm good! People food is GREAT!

     My neighbor’s dog, Mika, was lounging on my porch, subtly eyeing me while I ate. I was ignoring her.

     The phone rang. My husband asked me to check on something, so I stepped into the house for a moment. Just for a moment. And a moment is all it took.

     I heard the crash, And I knew (more…)


March 14, 2010

Earthquakes in (Southwestern) Pennsylvania



     Pennsylvania: the Quaker state.

     Earthquakes shaking Southwestern Pennsylvania? Is this the source of its second most common nickname, the Quaker State?

     One of the above statements is true: earthquakes do occur in Southwestern Pennsylvania. However, the nickname “Quaker State” originates from the fact that the state’s founder, William Penn, belonged to a religious sect known as Quakers.

     Although earthquakes occur far less frequently in Southwestern Pennsylvania than they do in California, they do occur. Forty-five earthquakes have been recorded in Pennsylvania since 1900,*** some originating in the east, others in the west.

     Eastern originating earthquakes include (more…)

February 21, 2010

Tarantula Tales: Arachnophobia




     The young man I invited to my high school prom wasn’t. He raised tarantula spiders in the basement of his parent’s corner store. Occasionally when one would escape the store would close until the spider was found.

     Perhaps you are either a spider person, or you are arachnophobic. I’m neither, as long as there is a barrier between where the insect is and where I am. I spent two summers watching a (more…)

February 2, 2010

Joseph R. (Smokey) Greshok: In Memory—January 19. 2010


JOSEPH R. (Smokey) GRESHOK: IN MEMORY January 19, 2010

    Smokey. Gentleman’s gentleman. Skilled at sleight of hand card tricks.

    Words people use to describe Joseph R. Greshok, who passed on January 19, 2010, at the age of 85 years. He was the owner of the Eastwood Inn on Rt. 30 east of Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

     His grin spread from ear to ear as he flipped his cards, sharing a trick with me while I interviewed him for a newspaper article. His smile, casual attitude, and gentle demeanor belied his business side, characterized by a sternness and dogged firmness.

     “Smokey” didn’t know the origin of his nickname, although he knew it had been his moniker “forever.” His older brother, Frank Greshok, filled in the story:

     When Joe was (more…)

December 9, 2009




Rustie Earle

Today, December 10, is my birthday—I won’t say which one, but I’m well over 18 years old. Rustie, a blind poet who composes on a tape recorder  wrote an acrostic poem about me, titled simply CAROLYN, to celebrate my birthday one year. (a link to another of Rustie’s posts is included in the ADDITIONAL READING list below)

C is for character, no matter how you mean it.

A is for (more…)

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