April 24, 2014

11 Facts About May Day

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  1. The maypole, said to be a _____________, was originally made from a growing __________________ known as a ______________.
  2. May Day, celebrated across the globe, is actually two distinct holiday. One honors __________ and the other recognizes ________________.
  3. In 1925 ___________American astronaut, one of the seven original Project Mercury astronauts, was born. In 1967 _________ married Priscilla Beaulieu. The only other entertainer to attend was Redd Foxx. In 1945 ____________, German Nazi leader, Hitler’s propaganda minister, killed his family and himself when the Allies entered Berlin.
  4. During The Haymarket Affair of 1886, a rally in ________________ turned violent and more than a dozen persons were killed.
  5. May Day marks the midpoint between spring and summer, occurring exactly half a year from ________________.
  6. The world tree maypole is supposed to bridge the gap between ______________ and_______________.
  7. For Native Americans, May Day ushered in the month of the flower moon, a full moon under which ________________.
  8. People cover the maypole in bright ribbons and dance around the world tree. What did the pole represent? _____________ What did the ribbons represent) _____________
  9. May-day, the sea faring ocean distress call, is rooted in the French word ___________ , meaning ___________.
  10. Traditionally, on May Day, couples could be found disappearing into the fields to make love, in order to ____________; it was the last chance for _____________________.,


May Day’s Pagan origins are linked to both _______________ (a Celtic/Gaelic festival – the name means ‘day of fire’) and _______________ (celebrated the night before May Day). A similar Roman festival was called ____________________.

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May 1, 2009

May Celebrations: Part 1



     Some month-long May celebrations lean toward the romantic. During Date Your Mate Month plan one date to renew your wedding vows, as it is also National Recommitment Month. If you are a heart patient, like I am, be reminded how important your health is by taking note of National Blood Pressure Month. Being a decrepit old lady, as I describe myself to my granddaughter, I can celebrate Older Americans Month with the best persons in our population, performing the best exercise—it’s National Bike Month (click on     to read an excerpt from Sal Martin’s book, Mustang Sally’s Guide to World Bicycling Touring, click on TURKISH TOILETS IN A DARJEELING (India) TRAIN STATION   or visit and scroll down the WR/BW MUSTANG folder). And during May, being National Photograph Month, you might celebrate by clicking on the following links to view some of my photographs, each illustrating a post (a few are contributed items, however): &  &

     May 1 has some interesting celebrations and events associated with it. Of course, it’s May Day (“Lei Day” in Hawaii), celebrated globally with many (more…)

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