October 7, 2009

Staycation Day Trip: Somerset County, PA




Every time we travel to New England in the fall, we are asked if we are going to “leaf-peep.”

“Why?” I ask. “Why would I travel to New England to leaf-peep, when all we have to do is walk out our front door to see gorgeous leaves. (We happen to live in a park setting.)”

We didn’t travel to New England this fall. But we did drive around and “leaf-peep.” In Pennsylvania this year are coming in spectacular colors.

I had suggested to my husband, Monte, that we take a day a week for six weeks to travel to different communities. I admit I had an agenda. Each place I chose had a purpose.

The first jaunt, to Somerset County (PA), was chosen because I needed oat bran and Monte needed flour—he makes homemade bread, and we liked to purchase these items at the Mennonite store on Rt. 30 near Jennerstown (PA). In addition, I wanted to revisit the Flight 93 Crash site, the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel, and the Quecreek Mine memorial site.

We woke up to a cold fall morning. If the sun hadn’t been shining I might have backed out. As it was, it was one of the nicest autumn days to date. A perfect day for photography, and Somerset was a daytrip to use my camera.

As we left Laurel Mountain Borough’s Rt. 30 exit, turning east on the Lincoln Highway, the sprouting golds, bronzes and reds (more…)

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