April 22, 2010

EARTH DAY 2010: Being Stewards of the Earth



Being Stewards of the Earth

Monte Holland

     Today is Earth Day’s fortieth year.

     The first earth day was celebrated on April 20, 1970, when we lived in the Borough of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. That year, Slippery Rock residents with foresight decided that the time had come to start a community recycling program. Within the year I was participating.

      Before we rehabbed an old barn in the Slippery Rock Community Park, recyclers in the area dropped off bags of recyclables at an outbuilding on the property. 

     We gathered used barrels, in which to sort glass, cans, and aluminum, from Armco Steel Corporation (today, AK Steel). Much time was devoted to the sorting, which included breaking glass and crushing cans to conserve space in the barrels. With the help of the Grove City unit of the Pennsylvania National Guard, and the U-Haul International, Inc., we transported glass to Clarion and metal to Neville Island, which produced enough money to meet our expenses.

     The center also recycled newspapers, many of which were used by farmers for animal bedding.

     We didn’t accomplish a (more…)

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