April 1, 2012

Streaming Bear Video and Bear Stories



Southwestern Pennsylvania has a hidden jewel.

Pun intended.

     An Export (PA)-based company, PixController, Inc., placed a web-cam inside the den of a wild female black bear in Ely, Minnesota. It documents mama bear Jewel and her two cubs, born January 22, 2012. They can be viewed live on the Internet at , a site well worth a visit—I had the video streaming on my computer while working March 27th, and it was quite a distraction. Naturally, I took several photographs while watching.

     In 2008 PixController, Inc.’s, founder, Bill Powers, placed a web-cam inside the den of black bear Lily. It caught her birthing three cubs. This was the first time in history that a webcam has been placed inside the den of a wild, female, black bear in hopes of capturing a live birth.*


     Not everyone considers black bears cute. They were a source of food and fur for American frontiersmen. Many bear stories are hidden in old books, letters, and manuscripts

     One illustration comes from the The Journal of Captain Robert Cholmley^s Batman. The Captain was part of a Braddock’s Trail expedition. The year is not identified here.

Wedensday June the 4th. We halted by the River Lorel [Laurel Hill Creek] and after Receiving Provisions and Couking a party went to work and a Covering party Along with them to guarde them. This day our Hunter went a Shouting [shooting] and Brought home a Bear and killed a Wolf and followed a Panter Better then 6 miles but did not get him.

Thursday June the 5th. We marched to the little Meadows (Near Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania), it being 4 miles, very Bad Roads Over Rocks and Mountains almost unpassable. We was ten hours in marching it. This day our hunter Shot us (more…)

August 5, 2008

PROCOPE CAFÉ, PARIS: Part 1—Finding photographs: An International Adventure

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Part 1: Finding photographs: An International Adventure

Research for a historical (romance) novel and accompanying DVD/Power Point presentation can be challenging, especially when the scenes and research occur in Boston, Mass.; Alexandria, VA; the Scioto area of Ohio; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Lamoine, ME—and Paris, France. Travel to some of these places may be reasonable, since my husband and I travel to New England as often as we are able (I am a New Englander and love the coast). However, travel to France is not reasonable for us.

When my research uncovered a French café that has been in continuous operation since 1686, I sighed contentedly. THIS could be the location of a scene in the beginning of my novel, which occurs several weeks after the fall of the Bastille. The characters include members of the French (more…)

May 4, 2008


T. S. Eliot had it right—The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter…and my former neighbor might have agreed. That a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES…well, my neighbor was too practical for that, for once not seeing naming from the cat’s point of view, as Eliot did.

Elinor didn’t relate to humans very well, but she believed each cat must not only have a name, it must also have a home. So she gathered six homeless cats, and gave them the name that the family use daily, Such as Goober. (more…)

April 27, 2008


Summer is vacation time. This item is a warning for Northerners visiting the southeastern states…

Among America’s many enemies, none is more disastrous than Pueraria Lobata, commonly known as KUDZU.

Residents of the southeastern United States, where it grows prolifically, must prepare for sporadic, unpredictable energy blackouts not caused by (more…)

April 18, 2008

BRAMBLES (BRIEF RAMBLES) 2008-1: April 17—On Sprint’s Poverty, Quality Water and Relationships

BRAMBLES (BRIEF RAMBLES) is a new column on my site, It will relate, comment on and explore eclectic topics pertinent to my (and others’) life in several short segments. This first BRAMBLE explores Sprint’s poverty, Quality Water and Relationships.

Sprint will go broke if my neighbor doesn’t pay her last bill after closing her account with them. It was for (more…)

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