June 24, 2012

Lakeside, Ohio: Homes in Rainbow Pastels




My husband Monte and I recently spent a week at Lakeside, Ohio. We were invited to stay in a rented cottage with our son Nolan and his wife, Tammy, while they attended the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. We enjoyed spending time with our two grandsons, Marcus, almost 6, and Vince, 8.

On the way to Lakeside we passed the following scene (shot out the car window), with its rainbow colors:

At lakeside Marcus and Vince helped me locate a plethora of pastel rainbow colored houses in Lakeside. Below is our collection of pink, orange, green, blue, yellow, and violet colors in the real estate. If you happen to be in Lakeside, see if you can locate these homes:

This was the only violet we could locate…

…and a rainbow of flowers…

June 21, 2011

Bird Attack! Dive bombing birds attack humans!



Dive bombing birds attack humans!

     Occasionally while I sit on my patio, a bird will sit on a nearby tree branch and squawk at me. I’ve learned that this means the bird is unhappy with my presence, because the mother is nesting, nurturing her babies. I listen, and tell them I’m harmless, I’m not going to move off my patio, and they’d just better adjust to my presence.

     No bird has ever attacked me.


     As my husband and I traveled to Lakeside, Ohio, on June 13, 2010, I read several days worth of newspapers. There was an article about an angry flock of crows which had the audacity to attack the police in Everett, Washington.

     The angry flock of birds were swooping down and dive-bombing the officers as they walk(ed) to and from their cars. One police officer tried to scare the velociraptors by turning on his siren, to which the birds responded by decorating his car with droppings. Crows, allegedly, have face recognition, and if angered, remember the face. But they apparently cannot distinguish one police officer uniform from another.

     Because the police learned that the birds, which are very protective of their young, are (more…)

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