March 2, 2010

Good News: Miracle Substance Repairs Teeth



     I was talking with my elderly neighbor while my eighteen-month old sister Cynthia, fifteen years my junior, was sitting on the cement sidewalk playing. Suddenly, I noticed her putting something in her mouth. I dashed over the lawn to reach her, to prevent a catastrophe, little thinking about the fact that the neighbor’s were watering their grass. My feet slid out from under me.

     I hit the pavement chin first, coming up bleeding and swollen, looking like I’d been beaten in a gang war.

     I don’t know what happened to Cynthia. Perhaps the shock of my head landing beside her made her drop the item she was about to put in her mouth. I must have lifted myself up and grabbed her before dashing into the house, where I made certain she was safe before I checked my injuries. Behind the lip my teeth had sunk into were two broken front teeth.

     It was days before I could eat anything that wouldn’t flow through a straw, and several weeks before I looked human again.

     Two things remind me of this event today. First, it’s March 1. Cynthia’s 52nd birthday. Second, I came across a newspaper column by Joe Markowitz*. He wrote in celebration of “a moment of (more…)


July 13, 2009

Eliminate feral birds: A call for political action



A Call for Political Action

 This is a follow-up of a previous post, FERAL BIRDS: THE LATEST COMMUNITY HAZARD.  The stories keep coming in. Michael’s story is compelling!

      Michael’s story: It happened in June (2009), very early in the morning, between Ford City and Kittanning (PA). I was traveling on a work assignment. It was too cold to open the car windows, about 60 degrees.

     When it warmed up, I decided to put my window down. As I reached to do so, I saw something from the corner of my eye, on my left side. I thought it was a bird and that it would slip away, and shoot up the window to the other side of the car. But no sooner had I put my window down when something came into the car and nailed me in the head. It happened fast, and I didn’t see what it was at first—I just saw feathers flying.

     I looked to the right and saw (more…)

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