February 13, 2014

News Bulletin: Kudzu Blackout!




Hug for Linda


Our nation is experiencing numerous blackouts due to the 2014 winter storms. In fact, there are currently severe weather warnings in Atlanta due to an expected ice storm, for which I’ve heard there might be up to 1 1/2 inches of ice which is expected to cause blackouts.

It’s been shown that 9 months after such blackouts there is an increase in the number of babies born.

Winter storm aren’t the only danger causing blackouts in the south. Read on…

Our family lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia (an   Atlanta suburb) for three years in the 1980s. I was sole proprietor of a   craft etc. company and wrote a booklet about a prolific southern plant,   KUDZU, to accompany the craft line. Below are excerpts.


The   southeastern section of the United States must prepare for sudden irregular   population spurts in future years. These spurts will coincide with   unpredictably timed energy blackouts. Women are being forewarned to prepare  for these blackouts so as to prevent mini-population booms, which would occur   predictably nine months following each blackout.

Although   the causes of the projected blackouts might be increased energy demands,   electrical storms, power plant break-downs, etc., the major culprit is   expected to be Puerraria Lobata, AKA the (more…)


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