January 12, 2010

January Catalogues Lead to June Gardens



January: Mail Order Gardening Month

      January 2010.

     A time to cozy up on a comfortable sofa, encased in a favorite blanket. A time to  drink a favorite warm beverage—coffee, tea, hot chocolate—and delve into your stack of unread books while watching the snow fall and blow.

     A time to heat your home to the temperature you were complaining about last summer. A time to whine about the constant and excessive snowfalls, the bitter cold wintry weather.

     A time to yearn for warmer days of 2010.

     In that vein, you gather the daily mail, filled with gardening catalogues, and begin to dream about (more…)

March 5, 2008

ALEXANDRIA, D. C. (Virginia) IN THE 1790s

Thomas Jefferson returned to the United States in March, 1790. The French Ambassador was welcomed at Wise’s Tavern (201 North Fairfax Street), Alexandria. In Mayor William Hunter’s welcoming remarks he stated: “As a commercial town, we feel ourselves particularly indebted to you for the indulgences which your enlightened representations to the Court of France have secured to our trade. You have freed commerce from its shackles…”

Jefferson replied: “Accept my sincere thanks for yourself and the worthy citizens of Alexandria, for their (more…)

March 1, 2008


The cheers rising from inside Washington Prison Yard walls were soon followed by yells of pleasure from the multitudes of people gathered beyond the prison walls. The overflow crowd covered the city’s vacant lots and housetops, as well as on the hills for miles around. Half the city’s population was present.

It was mid-morning, January 9, 1793. The shops were closed, no trades were made and no business was being undertaken. Starting at sunrise, cannons discharged incessantly. An atmosphere of celebration and anticipation surrounded the city of Philadelphia.

Shortly after ten the crowd’s excitement peaked, (more…)

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