June 8, 2014

11 Facts About July 4


11 FACTS ABOUT JULY 4 American_flag_eagle_and_fireworks-animation

 On July 4th we celebrate the birth of our nation, the United States of America. How many of the following questions can you answer?Animated-4th-of-july-eagle


  1.  What do the Fourth of July fireworks represent?
  2. Who wrote that July 2 “will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. … It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade with shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”
  3. What three presidents’ deaths occurred on July 4?
  4. In July 1776 the estimated number of residents of the newly independent nation was ________, which increased to ___________ in 2012?
  5. Why is the term signing our John Hancock a synonym for our signatures?
  6. When was the first official Fourth of July party held at the White House?
  7. What two other countries celebrate their independence day on July  4TH?
  8. What historical event occurred near Jumonville, Pennsylvania, on July 4, 1754?
  9. What United States community has the oldest continuous Independence Day celebration?
  10. T or F   Uncle Sam was a real person.


The legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain (the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress) actually occurred on ______________? Why is Independence Day celebrated on July 4th? ________________? How many signatures are on the Declaration of Independence? _____ IMG_0404 E


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June 1, 2014

11 Facts About Flag Day: June 14



Carolyn’s Online Magazine



Photo taken in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by my grandson Marcus

Photo taken in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by my grandson Marcus

Inspired by these three decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day – the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 – was officially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916. While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities for years after Wilson’s proclamation, it was not until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designatin June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.^

Below are 10 questions plus a bonus question about flags:


  1. Who designed America’s current 50-star flag?
  2. What do you call a person who studies flags?
  3. In what order should the flags of the branches of the Armed Forces be displayed?
  4. Who cut the American flag into pieces and was honored for doing it?
  5. How did a 1912 Executive Order change the way flag makers produc ed the flag?
  6. What are the exact shades of the colors blue and red?
  7. “Shipwreck” Kelly (1885-1952) was famous for sitting for long periods of time. What did he have to do with flags?
  8. The American flag first flew over a foreign fort in what country?
  9. What is meant by the flag’s own right?
  10. How many official United States of America flags have existed?


Some preserved flags commemorate historical events. What events do the following flag dates memorialize: 1812, 1861, 1865?

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June 12, 2010

Flag Man (Bob Cornell) Shivers



Carolyn’s Online Magazine


Sonny Schwartz*

FLAG DAY IS ALWAYS JUNE 14. This year I’m posting a newspaper column Sonny Schwartz wrote about my father, Robert William Cornell.

Yesterday was Bob Cornell’s day.

Nah, not his birthday. That was May 28.

Nor the anniversary of his retirement from the Navy after 30 years of active and inactive service. That was June 4, 1971.

Flag flying on (or near) the original Cornell homestead, Portsmouth (Middletown), R. I.

Yesterday was Flag Day.

And on Flag Day, the former U. S. Navy chief aviation photographer stands tall.

Tall-ship tall…

Cornell, you see, is a flag fanatic, though he winces at the categorization.

And it’s the American Flag, good Old Glory, that turns Cornell on and sends star-spangled bannered shivers down his spine.

Now don’t think for a moment that Bob Cornell is your ordinary inveterate flag buff.

He’s much more than that. Much more.

He eats, drinks, talks, walks, breathes and sleeps the American Flag.

Cornell’s a veritable human book of knowledge when it comes to the U. S. Flag, a subject he’s studied with intensity since (more…)

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