December 29, 2013

Snow Tubing Part 2: Carolyn’s 1st Ride

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Hug for Marcus.

Part 2

Members of the Monte Holland family went snow tubing at Hidden Valley (Southwestern Pennsylvania on the Laurel Ridge) on December 27. My grandson Marcus, 7, helped me document that visit: click on Snow Tubing
Part 1: The Holland Family
. The following relates my first and last snow tube ride.

A snow tube ride became a part of my bucket list, and was accomplished before I ever had a chance to write it down.
I decided I should try one ride if I was going to write this piece. Of course I had to be color coordinated, so chose the yellow tube. As I stepped onto the conveyor belt I almost lost my footing, and I was approaching the top of the hill I wondered what kind of a nut I was.
10 IMG_5497

However, it was too late to change my mind—the only way down was via snow tube.

At the top I quickly snapped a couple of photos before sitting down.

11 IMG_5508E

Then the worker gave my tube a gentle shove.

The ride was (more…)

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