December 11, 2014

Cornell Family Dialogue Via Blog Post Comments




KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY was the most commented on post on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, an online magazine-style blog. It’s connected numerous persons delving into the Cornell family (Twitter hashtags #Cornellgenealogy, #Cornellfamily).

  • Hi Carolyn, I am the great, great, great grandson of William and Margaret O’Neal Cornell of Bedford PA.  I’m trying to figure out if I belong to the New England family line or the French Huguenot family line or a lesser known family….Maybe you could help!  Patrick, received on CAROLYN’S BIO July 23, 2013

I decided to post a list of these comments separately from the list of a review of other CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS comments because the information is valuable for Cornell family researchers.

NOTE: This article is being rewritten. Upon review I discovered I made multiple writing errors which I will correct after January 1, 2015, on the CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS follow-up blog, CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE. To reread the edited copy type CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE after January 15, 2015.

Below are the Cornell family comments on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS:

  • this story fascinates me! I found it a couple of years ago when I came across clues that suggest we’re also Cornell descendants here in Oklahoma! I had to buy the book. I’m reading it again because I want to share the story with my family on my blog, American Saga. I will track back to you when I get it written. Jan
  • Thomas Cornell was my eighth great grandfather. I’m going to Rhode Island in three weeks to visit these spots you mention and others. Were you able to find the graveyard where he is buried? Cameron Cornell  — January 3, 2009
  • I recently spoke to the author, Dr. Crane, who assured me she had found the family burial plot deep in the overgrown woods. It is not located on the government property. I visited this spot in Rhode Island a month or so ago, and walked back in the woods, but did not go deep enough to locate the plot. I’ll try again in the spring. John W. Cornwell  — January 22, 2009


December 4, 2014





Because CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS is coming to an end (later December posts will update you on the magazine’s evolution to CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE : COMe) I decided to review and list some of the comments received over its 6 year life.

Comments indicate connection with readers. They add meaning to my writing—I’m reaching someone, entertaining them, introducing them to new topics and ideas, perhaps providing insight. Often they add corrective comments. More often they are uplifting.

The many wonderful comments received by CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS  during its lifespan encourage me to move on to creating a follow up blog—information on CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE will be provided, hopefully, on January 1, 2015, and posted on this blog so you won’t lose any of my delightful writing. (OK, so there has to be some humor!)

Below is a list of only a few of the comments made on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS.

An (Internationally) Adopted Adult Tells His Story Carolyn, thank you for sharing Mark’s story. I admire Sam and Annette for giving loving homes to these special children.  Merri

My Sister and I: Cluttered Versus Neat Home I’ve read that clutter is conducive to creativity. So look at it this way: You’re not neglecting your housecleaning, you’re fostering your creativity!  Danny

CAROLYN’S BIO My husband sent me the link to this bio on you, from the Upper Room’s devotional, first thing this morning. His words, “She looks like someone you would like.” I have always had writing aspirations, but even though I write a commentary daily on the day’s devotion, I have little time (more…)

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