August 20, 2013

Deer Facts From Deere (A Young Buck)



Hug for Monte, the photographer


Hi there,

I was snacking in a wonderful yard containing a feast of flora and fauna when the master of the house (Monte) first saw me. He seemed pretty tame, so I didn’t run immediately. But my better nature won out when I heard a strange clicking noise coming from him, and I scooted off quickly.


But the buffet feast was so plentiful and yummy that I returned and stayed longer. This human Monte was there again, and I realized he wasn’t too scary, and the clicking noise he made was softer this time, so I hung around for a while, filling my belly.

I might note that the clicking sound the human made was a trigger finger—not on the feared gun, but on a camera that somehow created an image of me for his collection.

I’d like to tell you about myself—fondly named Deere by Monte’s wife—and my family.


 I’m a whitetail deer.

In North America the elk, moose, caribou, mule deer and . blacktail deer are related to me. There are about 100 types of deer (30 recognized). All of us have some common characteristics.

ScientificaIly I’m part of the family Cervidae, order Artiodactyle—way too technical! Being an Artiodactyle simply means I have hoofs with an even number of toes. My scientific name Odocoileus virginianus,, but please call me Deere.

I’m also labeled an ungulate (hoofed animal) because each of my feet ends in a cloven or two-piece hoof. 

Perhaps the children would like a page to color:


As a herbivore, I like tender young leaves, stems, shoots and in some areas acorns and mushrooms. Wild fruits and agricultural crops are especially great, but it’s rumored that this human rants and raves when us deer stand on our hind legs to reach the apples and pears on the fruit trees. Also, they have some kind of netting around their vegetable garden, so all I can do is look at the produce longingly.

Humans call me a buck, bull, stag, or hart, which means I’m a boy. Girl deer are called does, cows, or hinds, and our children are known as fawns or calfs


 It’s easy to tell I’m a boy in the summer and (more…)


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