January 9, 2010

Blogging: Does it Have Value? Part 1



This is the first segment of a three-part post on blogging.

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     On the evening of December 7, three days before the death of Latrobe (PA)’s last Holocaust survivor, Robert (Reibieson) Mendler, Carolyn’s Composition’s writing site received a comment on his posted story (THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 1)). Janet, a survivor of Nowy-Targ, Poland—Bob’s childhood community— had discovered Bob’s story after she typed Nowy-Targ into her computer search engine. She wanted to meet the only other Nowy-Targ (Poland) child survivor she’d discovered. And she discovered his survival by reading my blog. (to read post click on AN UNEXPECTED VISIT WITH BOB MENDLER ON DECEMBER 8, 2009 )

     On December 8, my husband Monte and I met with Bob, who was thrilled. Yes, he remembered he was ten years old when Janet was born. Both his and her families knew each other well. He would (and did) E-mail Janet. He told her he would call her.

     As fate would have it, the phone call was never to be. Bob died the evening of December 10. However, I’ve since talked to Janet. Although she feels the loss of a man she never knew, there is potential for our continued contact.

     This is only one of the surprising results of my blogging—connection and new friendship.

     I’m often asked if blogging is valuable. My response is (more…)

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