April 10, 2011

Perfect…or Flawed?



     It never ceases to amaze me how two people often view the same person very differently. Below are two interpretations of the same persons, Moses and Rocky.


     Was his a “life, filled with spectacle, mystery and miracle…the Lawgiver and leader of the Exodus, the ‘towering’ and ‘preeminent’ personality of the Hebrew Bible,” or was his the life of a failed man.? 

     Traditionalist Jewish and Christian scholars “emphasize the unity and coherence of the Pentateuch.” The “D” (Deuteronomic) source treats Moses as the perfect hero.

     Then enters the “P” (Priestly) source, which describes Moses as having “uncircumcised lips,” a powerful Jewish put-down, signifying a religions failing.

“D” treats Moses as an intercessor identifying with the guilty people whom he represented, who was allegedly punished for THEIR sin. “P” claims Moses was punished for his own sins.

     Perfect or flawed? It depends on how the evidence is selected and interpreted.


     So it was with Rocky.

     When Rocky died, he was heralded as a town hero. He had ingratiated himself to a lot of persons: running errands for businesses, giving treats to children and college students, and paying attention to other persons. His actions said he considered people as valuable.

     The other picture.

     In spite of (more…)

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