April 19, 2014

WP Photo Challenge 4/18/2014: On Top



WordPress Photo Challenge 4/18/2014:

 The WP Photo Challenge for April 18, 2014 is on top—your take on a monument (broadly defined)…anything can be monumental as long as it’s imbued with a shared sense of importance.

On top of Schoodic Mountain—215 years after the main character of my novel-under-construction climbed to the top. Madame de Leval wanted to view her promised land, land she had a tentative contract to purchase, up to 220,000 acres in Downeast Maine, Hancock and Washington Counties. This photo was taken when my husband, niece’s family, and I climbed Schoodic Mountain to see Madame’s promised land. It was a monumental climb for both Madame and myself. [Read more: OH, TO CLIMB SCHOODIC MOUNTAIN (Maine)]

The view was captivating

The view was captivating

How can a cat feel powerful, monumental? By sleeping on her master’s paperwork. (Read more: Little Dog (a cat) Adopts Us)

IMG_4599E  131208

Perhaps we are all sacrificial beings in this world. This photo (which I obviously didn’t take myself) is me lying on the sacrificial table at Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire. How monumental is that?  (Read more: Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire)




June 15, 2010

Emergency Responders Act to Save Animals



      On December 16, 2009, a black cat, rescued from the flames of a fire in Herminie (PA), was administered oxygen at the scene. During a January 8, 2010, barn fire in Bullskin Township (PA), a trapped pig that was rescued from the fire, received oxygen.

Could this cat need to be saved from...

     After Herminie firefighter Joseph Marincic rescued the cat, he delivered it to Jonathan Jobe, Sewickley Township Ambulance assistant chief EMS personnel. It was “frothing at the mouth, lying there lifeless, but still breathing,” according to Jobe.

     Emergency medical worker Barry Walters worked on the cat for about thirty minutes.

     “I cleaned it off and gave it oxygen. I just kept it wrapped it in a blanket and kept rinsing its mouth out. It responded to the oxygen,” he said, noting that the cat’s owners were “very appreciative….We told them if it has trouble breathing to take it to the vet.”

     Walters said that “Saving any life gives you a good feeling, I like helping people, animals, whatever.”

      Volunteer firefighter, John Stillwagon, who administered oxygen to the pig, would likely concur.


     It was truly a dark and stormy night, filled with rain and lightning. When I heard a loud crash, I raced to (more…)

May 22, 2009

The “Meow” Chorus: A cat symphony on a Greyhound Bus



A Cat Symphony on a Greyhound Bus

     The bus passenger carried a suitcase—an ordinary enough looking valise, dark brown with stains and stickers identifying places its age and destinations. It was one of several unmatched pieces she was traveling with.

     She was returning to her hometown after a years sojourn in a strange city. All her worldly goods were in these bags. Ordinary items. Clothes, a few books, financial records, photos and a favorite glass from the state fair.

     But another bag held one thing that was not ordinary. She held it tight to her side as she stood in the bus line, waiting to board.

     As the line shortened, she grew nervous. Could, she, would she, be successful? After all, there were rules. And she was intentionally and uncharacteristically breaking one of them. (more…)

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