May 28, 2013

From Holiday Showcase Restaurant to Kensington High School (Buffalo, N. Y.)






Change is Our Most Important Product

“I remember when the waitresses roller skated outside.”

The dove-gray haired women had just entered the Holiday Showcase on Union Road in Cheektowaga, New York. After indulging in a delicious breakfast there Monte was waiting to pay the bill while Kathleen, our surrogate daughter, and I stood aside.

The women overheard Monte telling Kathleen that we used to enjoy the time we spent at the round restaurant while we were dating in 1966. That’s when one of them made the comment about the roller skating.

“I don’t remember that,” Monte said, “but then we frequented it at night.”

I worked nights until 10:30 to midnight, so our dates began late,” I explained.

“I remember coming here the night I was engaged,” the woman said. “That was over forty years ago.”

“What year?” Monte asked.

“1966. That’s the year we were married, too.”

“Oh,” Monte said. “What month was that?”


“That’s amazing,” Monte said. “We married in September 1966.”

I stepped to the wall to look at the framed old photographs framed hung there.

“Look at this photo,” I said, pointing to one showing the skating waitresses. “I never knew that existed.”

“They must not have worked at night,” Monte and the woman agreed.

Another photograph showed the groundbreaking of the restaurant.

“They built this in 1963,” he said, surprised. “It was pretty new when we were frequenting it.”

The clerk appeared behind the restaurant and Monte went over to the counter to pay the bill.

“We used to come here a long time ago,” he said to the young dark-haired girl. She seemed (more…)


September 25, 2012

How Volunteerism Impacted My Life



     My husband Monte and I recently spent a weekend in Lancaster, New York. On Sunday morning we decided to attend University Methodist Church on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, not far from the State University of New York. Monte was a professor there when we met, and I was a non-traditional student. We attended this church our marriage.

     After the service we drove along Bailey Avenue, which passed between the University and the Veteran’s Hospital. During my years as a student at Kensington High School I volunteered there, spending my time washing test tubes at a sink at the end of a laboratory counter. I don’t recall how long I did this.

My next volunteer job was at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute patient library. I rolled a cart to patient rooms and helped the patient choose reading material. I also sat in the library to serve patrons, both patient, visitors, and staff.

This job coincided with the volunteer work I performed at the Kensington High School library, where I put into service my knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System and learned about library functions.

This volunteer work made a difference in my life.

In my junior year of high school I applied for a high school summer fellowship at Roswell Park Memorial Institute. My resume—of course, short, due to my short life—included these volunteer positions.

It also included a reference from Mr. Militello, my physics teacher (isn’t it ironic that I ended up wed to (more…)

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