June 26, 2011

Sydney—A One-Ton Camel—Visits Ligonier (PA)



During the Community Day open houses in Ligonier my husband Monte, our friend Lois, and I visited the Antiochian Village Heritage Museum. Outside, they had a camel—a real live camel—a living, breathing creature I wouldn’t expect to see in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

     Sidney, according to his handler Dave Baker, resides at the Living Treasures “Wild” Animal Park outside the city of New Castle, Pennsylvania, where visitors are encouraged to interact with him.

     One thing for certain—Sidney is fortunate not to live in Australia these days, where there is a great concern about green-ignorant camels who don’t (more…)


June 13, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Ligonier (PA) Resident: June 12, 2011



June 12, 2011

     The day—Sunday, June 12, 2011—dawned pleasant and sunny, with hints of summer heat as the day wore on. It was Ligonier Valley Community Days, when community resources opened their doors to residents to visit their facilities with no fees.

     There were six locations—the Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum, the Valley Players of Ligonier (Ligonier Valley Theater), Antiochian Village, Fort Ligonier, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Arts, and Compass Inn. Somehow, my husband Monte, our friend Lois, and I managed to visit all but the Compass Inn. We live a mile from there and have access at any time, so when our time ran short, we chose to take a few minutes rest.

     When we arrived at the Rail Road Museum, it was still warm and sunny.

     “Should we lock the doors?” Monte asked.

     “Naw,” I answered. We had just emptied all the items from the car, and there was nothing to tempt criminals in this pretty safe spot. Not locking the doors, we also neglected to close the windows.

     You guessed it. As we were examining items in the museum, we looked out the window—it was pouring cats and dogs and anything else you can think of. We sat around the museum waiting for the rain to quit, rechecking the museum items several times over.

     The rain continued this way for probably a half hour. By the time we noticed, the damage was done. 

     When the rain let up to a drizzle, Monte went and brought the car to the museum door. His side suffered little. I sat in waterlogged car upholstery.

     On the way to the Ligonier Theater to watch their day’s offerings, I suggested driving to the top of the Ligonier Cemetery hill—with the weather, there might be a (more…)

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