April 22, 2008


Robert Mendler wants people to know he is not a statistic or a number.
“I am a human being,” he states. “Listen to me. I will tell you what happened to me and everyone I knew and loved.”

Writers seek assignments, and I was delighted when the Westmoreland County Historical Society agreed that I could do an article on Robert Mendler—full name used by his permission. I plan on posting his story on this site— — in several segments. Material was gathered from talks he presented which I attended, including one he presented to seventh and eighth grade classes at a Catholic school, as well as a personal interview, and several casual conversations. His story impressed on me all the more the amount of abuse thrust not only on adults, but also on children, during the Holocaust. It was a difficult story to write. It will be a difficult story to read. It is a story of abuse to a specific child of the tender age of 13.

“I am a Holocaust survivor,” Mendler stated, baring his arm (more…)

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