May 13, 2012

In Our Mother’s Womb



Cynthia Lipsius

Contributed to by Nancy Lee & Carolyn


Nancy Lee was first; she kept very busy

vacuuming, fluffing, dusting away lint.

When she made her appearance,

she left behind a pink mint.


Carolyn was alert and curious,

this family was such a mystery!

By the time she was born

She’d recorded (more…)

May 10, 2012

The Key



Leef, Guest Contributor

NOTE: Leef is my “Big Sister.”

This piece was published in Buffalo, New York’s, 1960 city-wide publication, Our Best in ’60, the year Leef graduated from Kensington High School. She was honors English class, and turned it in as an assignment. She didn’t know the piece was to be published until September 15th that year, which happened to be her birthday.

“I remembered sitting in the kitchen and Mom handed me an envelope,” she said. “I said ‘Oh, I didn’t order this.’ Then I looked in the table of contents and saw my name…”


     She sat alone by the window, her hands loosely folded. Her face held the look of one resigned to her fate, whatever and however horrible it might be. She was alone, as I said, except for the thoughts locked away in her mind. She laughed softly to herself. How stupid they all were! She would never tell. She couldn’t. She wasn’t going to remember.

            The door to her room slowly and mysteriously seemed to open of its own accord. They were coming! She steeled herself for whatever was to happen. They didn’t scare her. They were lies—all of them lies. That man in his immaculate uniform. He said he was a friend. He wanted to help. She laughed again. She knew what he wanted. Secrets, secrets she would never tell!

            The man came toward her and laid a hand softly on her arm. She shrank back. “No!” her mind cried out. She knew she was growing hysterical. She tried to stop the tears from coming, but she couldn’t. When she turned around again, he was (more…)

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