December 31, 2016


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Mr. Marino, of Hempfield, is the artistic director of Stage Right School For the Performing Arts in Greensburg. From 6 to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, costumed students will take groups, leaving 20 minutes apart, to sites in the neighborhood where they will hear stories that probably – or definitely – are not true.
They will be told all in fun as a fundraiser for the Academy Hill Historic District Association, and as a way to get people interested in local history and architecture. The association will donate part of the proceeds to the nonprofit theater school.

Comment by monte of laughlintown, PA

I know many of you (most of you) have been waiting for this. Cindy and Jerry can be seen at

Posted April 18, 2013 at 03:50AM CDT

Comment by Cindy of Jersey Shore, PA

Monte of Laughlintown, PA Thanks to you and Carolyn for taking the photo I sent to you and cropping the picture. I had a photo of Jerry, his little girl and me taken at the christening on Sunday and I didn’t want his daughter’s photo on the Internet so Carolyn graciously cropped the photo. As much as I would have liked to share her photo with you, I only wanted a photo of the two of us posted. I’m sure you can understand that. Thanks so much Monte and Carolyn for your help. Love you both.

Posted April 18, 2013 at 03:59AM CDT

Comment by Cindy of Jersey Shore, PA

Julia of Alexandria, VA- Praying for Jeff asking God to place His healing hand on him.  Keeping you and Matt in prayer as well.  Do I remember that you have another son as well?   Just know that you and your family are in my prayers daily.  George of Virginia Beach, VA- I am keeping your wife, Bethanne, in prayer as she is feeling overwhelmed in dealing with her father’s estate and in dealing with her siblings as well as being there to support her sister Annette.  I ask God to give her the strength she needs. Monte of Laughlintown PA- Joining you in a moment of silence and prayer for those affected in the bombings in Boston.  Thank you again for your ministry on this site.

Comment by JK

Monte thanks for posting the link and Cindy I love the photo! So wonderful to put a face with the names!

Posted April 18, 2013 at 04:39AM CDT
Comment by Marshall of Fayetteville, NC

Cindy, I love the picture. You are a beautiful mother and son . God bless you and your family. Love ya’ll.

Posted April 18, 2013 at 04:43AM CDT
Comment by Marshall of Fayetteville, NC

Monte, great job by you and Carolyn Thanks a bunch for all your contributions.

Posted April 18, 2013 at 05:08AM CDT
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

UR family; prayer please for the people in the small town of West, TX who experienced the fire and explosion in their fertilizer plant.  Since this essentially flattened the town, pray for the rescue efforts there throughout today, especially for the first responders, particularly the fire fighers many of them who had begun fighting the fire at the time of the explosion.  As the death toll rises, prayers for the many families who are grieving the loss of life.  So much prayer needed! * Praises for the picture of Cindy and Jerry (thank you for Monte and Carolyn), for Janet’s certification and other praises Cindy has brought to us.  Continued prayers for Sarah as she has to regroup after another disappointment, and put herself out there again.  Prayers for the other requests raised by Sarah.

Comment by julie of Delray Beach, FL

Good Morning UR family, Thank you Luis for the message Life is full of its bumps in the road. However just like when flying on a plane we can always feel close to the Lord as along as we ask his help with the bumps. Praying for all those affected in the chemical fire in Texas. Praying that the firefighters will be found safe and sound. Praying for comfort and peace  the families and victims of the Boston Marathon. Sarah- Praying that you will find a job soon. Have you ever thought of working in Publishing? My SIL worked for a company called CRC press for a while. They edited the works of writers. You are so talented at writing  it may be worth a chance. Cindy -Thank you for sharing the picture of you and Jerry with us. The Lord’s light is shining so bright  in the eyes of you both. Praying for all on the list spoken or not have a super day UR family.

Comment by Lee Anne of Astatula, FL

Monte and Carolyn – thanks for posting the link. Nice site! Vicki – I am laughing because that’s exactly how I imagined her to look. I have a friend named Cindy that looks just like her! Cindy – love the pic. Thanks for sharing.

Posted April 18, 2013 at 06:03AM CDT
Comment by Earl  of Durham, NC

Cindy – beautiful picture.  Been looking forward to seeing it.  Welcome home Jerry.  Cindy, thanks for all you do on UR.

Posted April 18, 2013 at 06:11AM CDT
Comment by rob of hsv, AL

Good morning UR family. Thank you Luis for today’s devotional. Praying that we all experience a turbulence free day today. My wife’s bosses surgery went well yesterday. Still waiting to hear about my friends dads chemo. Thank you all for your prayers. Praying for all requested and silent wants and needs of my UR family, and for everyone in the path of today’s storms, be it weather or lifes  problems. Have a blessed day one and all.  Almost forgot!!!!!! Cindy what a wonderful picture. Once again congratulations and thank you for all you and soooo many others do. Monte,Dan, Sarah , Ed , Gwen , Don , Kathy the list goes on and on………… thank you all

Posted April 18, 2013 at 06:26AM CDT

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