December 31, 2015

The Scientific Method: Advantages and Disadvantages




Fifi, the Flea, Guest Writer


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 NOTE: I found the following undated paper, titled The Scientific Method: Its Advantages and Disadvantages, in my files. It was written for a philosophy class while I was a college student. It received a P+ grade.

Hi! My name is Fifi, the Famous Flea. I’m a unique flea—because I’m a thinking flea. This seeming absurdity enables me to observe Man and come to some objective conclusions about His “way of life.” Let me begin with what Man considers His greatest asset to progress in the 20th century—namely, the scientific method.

The scientific method is particularly responsible for Man’s modern position—and His dilemma.

To apply the scientific method, there must first be DOUBT, or inquiry, either in the form of an original question or in the form of questioning another man’s truths.

Man, to find an answer to that doubt, evolved the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, in which EXPERIMENT (that is, observation and reason)) plays a prominent role. How does Man apply this procedure? Let me use examples from one Man’s diary—Dr. X.

Dr. X notices some phenomena in another man, Z. A question arises: Is Z in good health or not? There is doubt. Dr. X, using the scientific method, has universally accepted facts, proven previously by the scientific method. (Otherwise, a lifetime would be taken up repeating experiments that have already proven to be true.) This is acceptable on the basis that, should He ever have any doubt about a fact, He can set up an experiment of his own and either confirm or deny the truth in question.

Observations are made by Dr. X and his assistant: Z has extremely flushed skin, a temperature of 106 degrees F, and a white cell count of 2.5 times the norm. Dr. X reasons and concludes, on the basis of these known facts, that Z is not in good health.

A new question has arisen from the answer to the first question. What is the cause of Z’s ill health?

Dr. X makes an educated guess: Z has an infection. This raises another question—What kind of infection?

Again, reason enters and a method must be devised to attain the truth. Pathological bacteria cause infections. Test for bacteria. Tests prove there are bacteria present in Z’s throat.

Previous experiments have shown that antibiotics can kill the pathological bacteria. Treat Z with the proper antibiotic. Observation: Z’s phenomena disappear within 24 hours. Reason concludes that the diagnosis was correct and Z is on the road to recovery. However, if the phenomena had not subsided further questions would arise. For example, Was the treatment correct or could the infection have arisen elsewhere?

There is a key factor in Man’s scientific method: Man is searching for an absolute truth, which can be disproved with only one negative test result. Science is never absolutely certain of its result because it is impossible to check every infection there ever was, so the one negative case might never be found. It is impossible to universally check any fact. Thus Man never has the complete reassurance of truth. (more…)

Out of the Old Blog, a New Magazine is Born

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6 years, 1,330 Posts, 327,848 views from 171 countries

Out of the Old Blog, a New Magazine is Born


Deep within every beginning is the seed for its ending.

Within each ending is a seed for a new beginning.

Welcome to Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe).

When  its predecessor, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, started on February 29, 2008 its seed of ending was built in: the WordPress space limitation. Never in my wildest thoughts did I imagine my endeavor would come to an end. But the warning light came on. There is little space left to post articles. The seed for ending sprouted.

The timing is right. The old—two-oh-fourteen—is at an end. January two-oh-fifteen, rings in the new. A ripe time for new beginnings.

As I move on I must ask some hard questions.

I’ll begin by answering the WHY.

As the editor, developing and maintaining CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS was a challenging, ever constant, learning process. It served as an entrance into a communications age that has already moved far beyond blogs.

CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS has been an affirming project to both writer and reader.

It’s aided the writer in evaluating trends and issues. Its served as a place to work through issues—to write something requires processing it and putting it in words the average person can understand. It’s offered a forum for a variety of writing genres and provided a writing platform. It’s kept me, the writer of most articles, writing almost every day.

For the reader it’s provided education, fun reading, a different view of issues, and connections to other persons.

Below are a few comments that encouraged me to move on into a new blog.

  • ANCIENT BATHING TECHNIQUES  I must say, your topics are many and most informative.  I enjoy most of the posts that you send out.  Thanks for enlightening my days.   David
  • Playing Santa’s Elf on My Birthday …Carolyn, love your articles.   I read them every morning while drinking my coffee… Carol
  • I like your humor 🙂 and enjoy your articles… 🙂    Merri
  • Awesome pictures…Always looking forward to seeing your pictures and adventures :)…    Lena

And in response to particular articles:

  • Traveling on a Greyhound Bus with Children  Carolyn, thanks for the memories of riding the Greyhound! My mother loved riding the Greyhound, sitting in back of the driver. 🙂  Merri
  • THE HOLLAND 2014 CHRISTMAS LETTER  I love this post, it made me think of some of the articles I read during the year and how interesting your lives are.   I hope I am just like you when I grow up, lol.   I look forward to reading your online magazine…  Carol
  • REPORTS FROM STORM “KNIFE” IN BUFFALO, NEW YORK  November 17 to November 21, 2014   I can’t remember what year it was, but during one storm, I barely made it home from a night shift at our local hospital. I was pushing snow with the front bumper of my car off and on for about three miles. I parked in the drive and had to help a guy in a truck shovel out his truck from a snow drift later in the day. We were snowed in from about 10 a.m. Saturday until 10 p.m. Sunday when the State came through with a scoop bucket to move the snow drifts from the road, The plows couldn’t handle it.  Tom
  • TWO HOLIDAY RECIPES: HORS D’OEUVRES AND UMBLE PIE  Carolyn you have inspired me to check out the internet and see what umble pie recipes are there. Would be fun to have an umble pie contest!   Grace and Fred
  • NATIONAL POETRY MONTH, POEM A DAY, WEEK 4: April 22-30 I’m not much of a poetry person, my least favorite part of school – but your creative twist on it is worth reading!  Grace
  •  MARILYN VAN DERBUR (ATLER): MISS AMERICA 1958: HER INCEST STORY   abuse no matter how long ago it happens. it affects every day of  your whole life  Becky
  • WAS IT IODINE DEFICIENCY? MY STORY   Sometimes old wives tales aren’t so false – many of us have relatives who lived to very ripe old ages while doing and eating things that we now consider “dangerous” for our health – we’ve cut so much out yet we replace it with a prescription drug –  finding what works for us doesn’t always require a medical degree -feeling good is what matters and often invovles a combination of what the doctor can offer and what we can do for ourselves  Fran
  • THREE GARLIC RECIPES   Roasted garlic smeared on fresh bread is one of my very favorite things… and that soup sounds amazing! But make enough for everyone you come in contact with for the rest of the day to also have a bite or you’ll spend a very lonely evening. 🙂  Great recipes!  Jan
  •  These photos are so beautiful, just breathtaking! It’s like seeing the loving grace of God shining down upon you! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!!  Lori

CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS enabled genealogical connections through its most commented on post, KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY. It’s enabled two sisters to connect with their birth family after 60 years (read My Mother’s Special 90th Birthday Gift ). CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS has reaped many benefits.

Perhaps blogs are becoming dated, being phased out by other electronic communication media. But perhaps, also, there is room for blogs to hold their own, to still be worthwhile in today’s evolving communication world.

So I welcome you to subscribe to COMe. Your e-mail will not be publicized. However, you will receive an email from asking you to confirm your subscription. Please do. You will then receive an email informing you of each post on COMe.

I want to again thank my subscribers, my readers, and my commenters for their making CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS a success. Thank you for visiting COMe, Carolyn’s Online Magazine.

Carolyn C. Holland

December 30, 2015

Three Rhubarb Pie Recipes With Rhubarb Trivia





While cleaning files I came across the following recipes for rhubarb—which my husband Monte likes but I don’t. Anyway, he’s the one that does the baking—bread and pies. Between the recipes are rhubarb trivia questions. Answers are at the end of the post.

  •  When did rhubarb appear in the United States?
  • How did it get here?
  • Where did it originate?


Pastry for double crust.

4 cups diced rhubarb

3 tablespoons flour

1  1/4 cups sugar

Dash salt

1 egg

2 tablespoons butter


Line a 9-inch pie plate with pastry.

Mix flour, sugar and salt.

Add egg to rhubarb and stir it in. Pour (more…)

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