November 30, 2014

December 2014 Welcome Message

Carolyn’s Compositions


Welcome to another triple holiday season, with all its joys and stressors. Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with a visit by my son Nolan, his wife Tammy, and grandsons Vince and Marcus. I’m looking forward to their next visit, when they plan to go skiing and snowboarding.

November was a catch-up month following our constant absences through the summer and early autumn. Within the catch up I broke a couple records. My Christmas boxes were addressed and taped by November 23rd and mailed two days later. My dining room table was cleared and appropriately dressed for Thanksgiving—and remained clear for 5 weeks. And, for the first time, I didn’t have to throw things behind my couch just as Nolan was pulling into the driveway.

Our apartment is rented so time has freed up. My husband Monte and I were able to enjoy several speakers in November: Ralph Bennett, a local writer and former Reader’s Digest employee, spoke on a local World War I hero, Alvin Carey; well-known artist Charles Fagan spoke on his art projects, and Cyril Wecht presented evidence on John F. Kennedy’s assassination. We also attended the county’s woman shelter (Blackburn Center) open house. It’s nice to be part of the community again.

Although I completed the first draft of a short story my novel writing stalled due to lack of quiet time to concentrate on its detailed plot. However, while completing the Ligonier Valley Library challenge to both read and walk a thousand minutes over a period of 10 weeks, I kept my finger on the novel by reading background material for my novel.

I also filled our freezer with soup mixes—I won’t have to cook much for the next couple of months, which will free me to return to my writing.

One thing I didn’t do this summer was maintain contact with my family and friends. Hopefully I will be able to reconnect this month. After all, one of the great blessings of the holiday season is sharing with family and friends.

I want to welcome my new subscribers and thank those who have been with me for a while.

May the blessings and joys of the holiday season surpass the stressors. Remember, the reason for the season is the birth of Jesus. Set a place at your table for him, the guest of honor.

Merry Christmas. and Happy New Year.

Carolyn Cornell Holland

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