November 15, 2014

My Writing Achievement Photographed





The November 14, 2014, WordPress photo challenge is challenge/achievement: show us a photo that says “achievement” to you.

My writing is where I’ve recently achieved much. So how do you show writing in photographs?


I’m constantly asked when I will complete my novel. It’s coming. Slowly. Because this historical romance uses real names (from the post-American Revolution)—General Henry Knox, General Henry Jackson, William Duer among them—I must use caution in my historical detail. This takes time and concentration.

It was likewise with my magazine article that was published just last month. It took me almost four years to write.

The article, about a musical piece, Flight of Valor, which was commissioned by the Somerset County Community Band and honors Flight 93. I’m certain you recall that the September 11, 2001, Flight 93 crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

I took the music, which follows the events of the day, and interspersed stories of Westmoreland County persons involved in the after-crash activities. I interviewed many persons, and verified their statements with documents. The article is just under 4,000 words. This is my latest writing challenge/achievement, published in Westmoreland History, a publication of the Westmoreland County Historical Society in Pennsylvania.

Back to the photography. I turned to my art workshop editing and made collages of the article against a backdrop of the original Flight 93 memorial site. This is the result: FLIGHT OF VALOR 02BE


Read about the music  Flight of Valor: Honoring United Airlines Flight 93 Victims . To purchase the expanded article in Westmoreland History contact the Westmoreland County Historical Society, (724) 532-1935,  or stop in at their location at 362 Sand Hill Road – Suite 1,  Greensburg, PA 15601

On a smaller scale, I achieved writing a story about DNA, which never lies. Now the work begins: the editing and clarifying. However, getting the story down and edited in several drafts, and critiqued, is also a major achievement.


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