October 30, 2014

Sears Employees Demonstrate Kindness



Making a Difference in a Customer’s Life

Even though the wet spot under the car could be a remnant of the rain that fell the previous night, my suspicions were raised: Was there something wrong with the car? As a sensible human being I don’t trust mechanical contraptions.

I’d driven 40 minutes that morning, from home to the 2014 Health & Education Expo, a senior health expo supported by the Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners, the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging and other county agencies. I met Kim Ward, Pennsylvania State Senator, whom I’d previously contacted on legislation on open adoption records for adult adoptees. I’d taken advantage of several offerings—a hand massage, a back massage, a hearing test, a blood pressure reading, lots of candy samples, a snack.

And I’d enjoyed a presentation by KDKA-TV news anchor and caregiver advocate Jennifer Antkowiak titled Don’t Stress! Coping with Caregiver Stress.

It came time to leave, so I went to my car and saw the suspicious almost-puddle under the hooded part of my car. I pulled out my camera (of course, very low battery) and snapped a couple of shots of the wet spot

141029 DSC03904E

141029 DSC03905Ebefore I drove to the mall across the 4-lane highway and parked behind Sears, where I had to make an exchange. I accomplished my mission and, not having to rush home I wandered around the mall stores for a couple of hours.

Wanting to drive home in daylight I went to the car just before sunset. As I approached the car I noticed an almost-puddle under the front of the car.

141029 DSC03907EOops. My suspicions had confirmation. I again pulled out my camera and snapped a picture.

The car had a problem, and I had about 7 miles of wooded highway to drive through, a drive that would make a lone woman vulnerable if the car was disabled, particularly at dusk or later.

My cell phone had experienced problems and wasn’t working, and I hadn’t picked up my husband’s cell phone. I’d been enjoyable incommunicado all day, but now I was concerned.

I went into Sears and stopped at the service desk closest to the door, which was in the men’s department. Two clerks were there. I explained my situation and asked to use the phone. They suggested I go to the automotive department to help as I waited for my husband Monte to answer the phone. He too suggested I go to the automotive department, and I told him I’d call him when I left the mall.

I arrived at the automotive department just after the clerk inside had locked the door. He saw me and mouthed the word Closed. I shrugged my shoulders and must have had a pleading look on my face, because he came to the door, unlocked it, and listened to my problem. He graciously checked and said he would add some fluid to the car.

As he went to get the fluid I finally figured out how to pull up the picture on my camera. Upon his return I showed him the water puddles.

“You sure do have a leak,” he said as he poured the fluid into the car.

“You should make it OK,” he told me when he finished.

Thank you, Tim (automotive department assistant manager). You made a difference in my life, and have maintained my feeling that in this crazy world there are still seeds of kindness.

I returned to the men’s department and asked to use the phone again. I told Monte that if I wasn’t home in 40 minutes to send out a search party.

Thank you too, Brie (spelling?), for making a difference in my life, for also maintaining my faith in humankind.

Fortunately I made it home safely, without the stress that I would have had without the kind response of the Sears staff to the problem my car presented.

Sears at Westmoreland Mall should be proud to have such customer-supportive employees.

Update: The car went to its already scheduled garage appointment where there was confirmation of a leak that was taken care of. Hopefully we won’t have to depend on the Sears staff kindness in the future.


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  1. Carolyn…hello. Glad you made it home safely. I know about the long wooded drives home…if your car isn’t working well…well it can be unnerving to say the least.

    Comment by merry101 — October 31, 2014 @ 7:31 pm | Reply

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