October 28, 2014

Keeping One Colored Object in a Black & White World





 141013 IMG_0659 b&w

I’m about to enter an imaginary world in which everything is devoid of color, akin to the early photography tintype photographs and prints produced in glorious shades of white, gray and black.

However, in my imaginary world I’ll take one object in featuring a single color.  I assume that, aside from being devoid of their color, objects maintain their innate characteristics.

While I travel in eastern Pennsylvania I ponder what object I could take: One object. One color. What will that  object and its color be?

Scattered about in my regular world, before the color disappears, I discover a typical garden hose with a spray attachment, water, and a colorless triangular object about 12 inches long.

And I know my single object has to be light. Its single color had to be white.

White light. Ah, what a neat item if you have water coursing through a garden hose exiting mistily high into the heavens, seeking the white light, and upon finding it creating a rainbow of colors to feast the eyes on.

0204 P4190016E

Likewise, sending the white light through a triangular prism creates a miraculous rainbow exhibiting every hue in the color spectrum..


Thus, in my drab, colorless, imaginary world my one object could be turned, at any moment, into the very thing that was thought to be banned. How much these colors will stand out against the hues of white to black in my imaginary world.

I ask you: if you entered a world that suddenly becomes devoid of color, but you could choose just one object that would keep its original hue, what object (and what color) would you choose to keep?




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  1. Well, yes…it would be light… 🙂

    Comment by merry101 — November 2, 2014 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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