October 26, 2014

Tie the Thread on My Finger



Remind Me

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 41:9   Then the chief cupbearer said to Pharoah, “Today I am reminded of my shortcomings….” (NI)

DISCUSSION: Finally, the hand of God jogged the cupbearer’s memory, creating a situation that brought release for Joseph. Pharoah needed interpretion of two dreams, and the cupbearer told of Joseph’s gift. Pharoah sent for him. (5: pp. 102)

REFLECTION:  Forgetfulness is a characteristic of mine. Once I complete a task or leave a situation, it is done. I no longer remember details as I move on to other things.

I excuse this as part of today’s high technology information age where one cannot take time to reflect, a memory enhancer, because the requirement is to multitask or to run from one event, memory or thought to another with no pauses in between. Time is of the essence. Production is what counts.

I also tend to have what I call “specific name and date memory deficit.”  It is not age related. Throughout my school years I has trouble with courses needing specific name and date recall—history, Latin, science. I recall substance, not specifics.

On school tests, I would jot down hard to remember formulas on top of my paper before starting tests so I wouldn’t forget them while answering other questions. I jot notes on everything. (Of course, then I lose the notes!)

In a court hearing in New Castle I was testifying (after having been deemed a “qualified” witness) when the judge asked me about certain facts pertaining to my work statistics. I asked him if I could refer to my notes, since I had “specific name and date memory deficit.” It flew. My notes came out.

With age comes increasingly frequent experiences, much more stored mental data. and, I conclude, much less storage space on the mental “computer.” I do fall victim to this, but mostly it is me, my memory incapability.

Bring out the thread to tie on my finger! Place the blue thread in the tassels of my garments so I will remember, at the very least, who my God is! And let me remind you that as age brings on forgetfulness scripture has the answer as demonstrated by that string you see on my finger.

PRAYER:  Remind me! God, remind me in any manner you deem good. I myself will attempt to improve my memory, but I recognize my need for physical reminders. Amen


  1. Good morning, Carolyn. Yes, I’m up early this morning…can’t remember why!? Oh, yes I’m Lactose tolerance. Make the mistake of eating yoghourt. 🙂

    Comment by merry101 — October 26, 2014 @ 7:28 am | Reply

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