September 6, 2014

An Apple Cider Adventure




Adventures come dressed in various outfits. My husband Monte and I have experienced many types of adventures in our 48 years of marriage. Among them are our apple cider ventures, described in Fresh Apple Cider and a Drunk Moose .

This year we decided to drive to New Centerville, Pennsylvania, to attend the  annual  Farmers & Threshermens Jubilee, sponsored by the New Centerville & Rural Volunteer Fire Company.  It’s  the only place we know of around our home where we can  find fresh pressed apple cider—not the treated stuff of the current day grocery store.

I talked to a delightful volunteer, Leonard Compton, 88 years old. He’s worked with the cider press 23 years, since he retired in 1991.

Arriving  early the first day of the festivities (our 48th anniversary) we watched them revitalize the old cider press put into use 2 years ago, then watched the first apples roll through. This new-to-New Centerville cider press can both squeeze the apples and chop them at the same time.

Below are photos from our adventure in the apple cider barn.

140903 IMG_4625E

Golden Delicious apples await the press...

Golden Delicious apples await the press…


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