July 15, 2014

Minimalist Photography



IMG_5023E2 130906

In April 2014 I finally attended a meeting of the Westmoreland Photography Society, which meets the second Monday of the month at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. New members are welcome.

The topic for the night’s photo critique was minimalism in photography. Wanting to know what photographs to take or cull from my archives I looked up minimalism in photography on the Internet.

  • The word minimalism describes a concept that refers to a work of art that is stripped down to its most fundamental features… In photography minimalism is somehow more open to creativity. But, it is also based on the general rules of minimalism in the other forms of arts. Generally speaking, minimalistic photography can be described as the art of “less is more”. Although in this type of photography, the composition is basic, with the right framing the subject in the photograph can be emphasized very nicely. Using fewer details in the picture can actually draw the attention to the subject more easily and it can appear to be more intense to the viewer…
  • In minimalistic photography, you should choose the elements carefully, as their number should be kept to a minimum and they should also reflect something interesting and beautiful… That subject will be your main point of focus and also the essence of your image…

Lest I be convicted of plagiarism I will refer a continued discussion to my website source, Understanding Minimalism in Photography.

IMG_8678E 130914As I read this article and viewed the illustrations I realized I’ve been taking minimalist pictures already. That elusive osprey in the sky near Ogdensburg, New York; the surfers in the post storm surf at Hampton beach, New Hampshire; the Naval Blue Angels and a low-flying plane at the Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the child on a New England beach —all these were, by default, minimalist due to their distance away from the camera.

IMG_1124E2 130713


IMG_9431E2 130916Another photo of a light post against a late evening sky, and a traffic light set against Chestnut Ridge , both along Route 30 in Latrobe, were intentionally minimalist when I didn’t know that photographic genre. IMG_1750E  131019

IMG_4180E 130904

Check your archives for minimalist photos you may have taken, or take your camera and intentionally try the minimalist genre.





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