July 12, 2014

Photos of Cherished Relics



The WordPress photo challenge for July 11, 2014 asks What images does “relic” conjure for you?  My husband Monte asked what a relic was, so I looked up the definition:

Relic (noun):

  1.  Something that has survived the passage of time, especially an object or custom whose original culture has disappeared: “Corporal punishment was a relic of barbarism”(Cyril Connolly).
  2. Something cherished for its age or historic interest.
  3. An object kept for its association with the past; a memento.
  4. An object of religious veneration, especially a piece of the body or a personal item of a saint.
  5. or relics A corpse; remain

The third definition of relic hit a chord—I have numerous objects I keep for their association with the past. However, these items also have historic interest, so the second definition also suits the following photographs.


This post card of a boat named Arabella was given to me by a collector in East Lamoine, Maine. It was built by my great grandfather, Allan Walker, who had a second home in East Lamoine:

The 39-foot boat the Arabella was built in the barn behind Woodward School, Quincy MA, in 1921

The 39-foot boat the Arabella was built in the barn behind Woodward School, Quincy MA, in 1921

I also have in my memorabilia collection copies of the old funeral cards of Allan’s father, Charles F. Walker, and Allan’s brother, Charles E. Walker:



The following picture is of a

Bible concordance in my possession. It was a wedding gift to my great- great-grandparents, William and Louisa (Marble) Cornell. They wed November 22, 1853 in Somerset, Massachusetts.

P1016240EPasted inside is a copy of their marriage record:




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  1. Relics…hum mm…# 3 definition fits several items I have of my mother and mother-in-law.

    Comment by merry101 — July 12, 2014 @ 7:17 am | Reply

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