June 24, 2014

Rewriting Song Lyrics



The WordPress weekly writing prompt for June 16 was to the tune of: try your hand at writing or rewriting song lyrics. It seemed like a challenge and a good break from my other writing, so I chose three songs for different reasons…then adapted another as I enjoyed the second day of summer. They may not be great—I’m not a poet, and they were written quickly—but it was fun rewriting lyrics. Unfortunately, I cannot get the line spaces where the songs break.

The first attempt to rewrite lyrics is a take-off of…On the Twelve Days of Christmas. Written as I sat on my patio enjoying morning coffee and the newspaper:


 ON THE FIRST (SIX) DAYS OF SUMMER (2014)    (On the First Day of Christmas)

On the first day of summer

The weather it was cold

Damp, dark, and rainy, too.

On the second day of summer

The weather it was perfect,

Sunny, warm, and easy breezes.

On the third day of summer

The birds came a-visitin’

Blue jays and red cardinals.

On the fourth day of summer

A deer was in my yard,

Feasting on my potted flowers.

On the fifth day of summer

My bean seed poked its head up,

In six weeks I’ll start a-pickin’

On the sixth day of summer

Black clouds released downpours,

Encouraging grass to grow tall.

IMG_1750E  131019


Up on the Mountaintop is a takeoff on Down in the Valley. I’ve live in a valley now, in the foothills of the Laurel Ridge in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In Slippery Rock we lived on top of a hill.

I once read that those who like hilltops are open and receptive, while valley residents are less social and more to themselves. The valley choice is also made by persons who want to be wrapped in the arms of…if not others, at lease the woods.


UP ON THE MOUNTAINTOP   (Down in the Valley)

Clouds in the blue sky, sun rays shine through

Their brilliance brightens my love for you

Diamond like is my love for you

Their brilliance brightens my love for you

Here on the mountaintop

its peak so high

Here’s where the stars shine

My love for you will never die

The eagle loves soaring, eagles love flight

Eagles lose feathers, feathers so light

They know if you find one on a dark night

Your love will be peaceful, you will not fight.

Up on the mountaintop, its peak is so high

Raise your head upward,

See clouds in the sky



The seventh grade School #63 class of 1963 sang The Happy Wanderer at their graduation ceremony. As a member of that Buffalo, New York, class, I learned the words, most of which I can recall in my aging years, for which I rewrote the words to reflect my desire to do nothing but sit in my rocking chair with a good book and my cats curled up beside me.


THE HAPPY ROCKER-ER (The Happy Wanderer)

I love to stay go a-rock,rocking,

On my peaceful patio,

And as I rock I love to sing,

My kitten on my lap .

It’s (one) finger lickin’ good

It’s (one) finger lickin’ good



Val-deri, Val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha


My kitten on my lap.

I love to watch the cardinals

Which fly by to the trees,

So joyously they call to me,

“Come! Join my happy song!”

I photograph the birds I see,

And they pose just for me,

The cardinals call loud and sweet

From ev’ry green leafed tree.

From overhead, the geese honk by

They never stop to eat

But just like me, they love to sing,

As briefly we do meet.

Oh, may I go a-rock, rocking

Until the day I die!

Oh, may I always tweet and sing,

Beneath God’s clear blue sky!

IMG_5023E2 130906



Let’s tell it true. I never liked the song Caroline.

In the autumn of 1969 Neil Diamond performed Sweet Caroline on several television shows…In his 2007 interview, Diamond revealed the inspiration for his song was President John F. Kennedy’s  daughter Caroline, who was eleven years old at the time. Diamond sang the song to her at her 50th birthday celebration in 2007.*

Ever since the song was popular people insisted on calling me Caroline. I consider it a perversion of my proper given name, Carolyn.

Penn state’s decision to essentially ban the playing of “Sweet Caroline” at football games (because singing such a touchy-feely song in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal would be, well, awkward) will virtually guarantee that the always robust Beaver Stadium crowd will sing it anyway.**

So I won’t miss the performance of the song at any games . I don’t watch anyway—I’m a non sports person.


GRIM CAROLINE   (Sweet Caroline)

Where it ended, I can’t begin to knowin’

But then I know it’s growin’ weak

Was in the fall and fall became a winter

Who’d have believed you’d leave one week

Hands, hittin’ hands, reachin’ out

Hurtin’ me, hittin’ you

Grim Caroline

Cursed times were ever so grim

I’ve been inclined to believe

They always would

But now I look at the night

And it don’t seem so lonely

I fill it up with other guys and it feels good

No more hurtin’ fall on my shoulders

How can I heal if holdin’ you

Grim, touchin’ grim, hittin’ out

Grim Caroline

Cursed times were ever so grim

I’ve been inclined to believe

They always would



** The Thursday Wrap, Tribune Review, Aug 30, 2012



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