April 24, 2014

11 Facts About May Day

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  1. The maypole, said to be a _____________, was originally made from a growing __________________ known as a ______________.
  2. May Day, celebrated across the globe, is actually two distinct holiday. One honors __________ and the other recognizes ________________.
  3. In 1925 ___________American astronaut, one of the seven original Project Mercury astronauts, was born. In 1967 _________ married Priscilla Beaulieu. The only other entertainer to attend was Redd Foxx. In 1945 ____________, German Nazi leader, Hitler’s propaganda minister, killed his family and himself when the Allies entered Berlin.
  4. During The Haymarket Affair of 1886, a rally in ________________ turned violent and more than a dozen persons were killed.
  5. May Day marks the midpoint between spring and summer, occurring exactly half a year from ________________.
  6. The world tree maypole is supposed to bridge the gap between ______________ and_______________.
  7. For Native Americans, May Day ushered in the month of the flower moon, a full moon under which ________________.
  8. People cover the maypole in bright ribbons and dance around the world tree. What did the pole represent? _____________ What did the ribbons represent) _____________
  9. May-day, the sea faring ocean distress call, is rooted in the French word ___________ , meaning ___________.
  10. Traditionally, on May Day, couples could be found disappearing into the fields to make love, in order to ____________; it was the last chance for _____________________.,


May Day’s Pagan origins are linked to both _______________ (a Celtic/Gaelic festival – the name means ‘day of fire’) and _______________ (celebrated the night before May Day). A similar Roman festival was called ____________________.

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