March 30, 2014

Whine Away: Singing the Blues (WP prompt for 3/28/2014)



Hugs for Kitty and David


The WordPress weekly writing challenge for March 28, 2014, is: singing the blues: How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

IMG_3643EMy friends rolled their eyes. Good, I thought. I must be whining successfully.

I’ve never been a whiner. It’s a talent I’m just now developing, perhaps six decades too late in life. I limit my practice to a small group, several women from my community who gather most Saturday evenings, a group my husband Monte refers to as the winos, and we refer to as the whiners and winers.

We happened to be together at a local restaurant on a Tuesday evening when I too every opportunity to whine.

“Do we have to listen to much more of this,” I was asked.

“I deserve to whine this week. As such I claim the right to continue to whine until Tuesday or Wednesday.”

IMG_3246EI did have reason to whine. I was sitting with these women when I should have been in Harrisburg, having enjoyed attending the Senate hearing on Pa. House Bill 162: Adult Adoptees Right to Access Original Birth Certificate held this morning.
And there was a lot more I was missing.

Several weeks ago Monte, a retired pastor, was invited to perform a wedding for the daughter of a friend in another community. It was to be on Ocean Beach, New Jersey, on March 22. On the sand. On the Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

I encouraged him: “Say yes, say yes.” He did say yes.

We re-met the bride, met the groom, and counseled them via SKYPE.

“After the wedding let’s visit my sister, Kitty,” I suggested. She lives close enough to Ocean City Beach that we went there when I visited her home a number of years ago.



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