February 6, 2014

No Knead Bread Recipe


Hugs for Monte and Nolan


My husband Monte asked me if I would post his no-knead bread recipe in CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS so he could share it with others, especially those requesting it who participate in the Upper Room Devotional online chat.

  • I started making bread when my son Nolan shared what he made. He told me that making bread was easy, and that I should consider baking my own. That was more than two years ago. Now, about once a week, I make bread—usually  the flat loaf on a cookie sheet.  Monte

After years of being the cook, I relish eating the hot homemade bread, fresh from the oven, that I didn’t have to bake. Or anything I don’t have to make. I’m certain many of the women in our country would agree with me, even though there are many others who love to create in the kitchen. Me, I’d rather create on my keyboard.

Monte also bakes pies, his specialty being pumpkin pie made from scratch, eg. a pumpkin from a garden, not pumpkin from a can. You might enjoy reading A Martha and Mary Situation , which includes a rhubarb pie recipe.

As for our son, we encouraged him to cook and sew so he wouldn’t have to marry just to have these tasks done for him. He does the cooking in his family, making bread regularly.

As for our daughter, she learned how to pound a nail and other building tasks, for the same reason. I wanted them to be free to marry for love, not for someone to take care of them.

But I digress. IMG_2945E 140205



2  cups warm water

2 2/3 cups enriched flour

1 1/3 cups whole wheat flour

½  tsp yeast

1 tsp salt  (use iodized salt to prevent iodine deprivation)

IMG_2949E 140205


Put the flour and salt in a 2 ½ quart bowl

Mix together with a fork

Make an indentation in the mixture

Pour the water (slightly warm) into the indentation

Add the yeast to the water, letting it dissolve from the surface

Mix all the ingredients together, with a fork, until all the flour is moist

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a plate until the dough rises and fills the bowl (I place the bowl in a slightly warmed oven, heated to no more than 1000, then shut off). The dough takes 5-7 hours to rise.

Once raised, mix the dough with your hand and proceed to directions to make bread loaf or English muffins.


Mold the dough into a loaf shape

Let rise in a bread pan, greased and dusted with cornmeal, for 2 hours

Decide whether to bake the loaf in a bread pan or on a pizza stone.


Preheat the oven to 4250 F.

Place bread pan on the oven’s middle rack

For a softer crust place a bowl with about ¼ to ½ cup hot water in the oven

Bake about 35 min (until golden brown)



Heat the oven, containing a pizza stone on the middle rack, to 4950

When bread has risen, dust the pizza stone with cornmeal

Reduce the oven temperature to 4250

Place the loaf on the pizza stone

If you want a softer crust place a pan with ¼- ½  hot water in the oven

Bake for about 35 minutes, until top is golden brown


Place on slightly greased cookie sheet that is sprinkled with cornmeal

Flatten the dough until it fills the pan evenly, OR flatten the dough to about ½ inch and cut into 4 inch circles to place on cookie sheet

Sprinkle some corn meal over the dough (I also sprinkle oatmeal—full-cook or instant—and flax seed [remember to crush the flax seed])

Let the dough raise two hours

Place the cookie sheet into an oven preheated to 4250, then lowered to 4000

Bake 22-23 minutes. The crust should become brown.

The completed bread will be 1-1 ½ inches high

If not cut into circles, cut the bread into squares, slit the squares in half, and toast.

P7250043EG1Brew a cup of tea, fresh coffee, or  hot chocolate and enjoy the fruit (or should I say bread) of your labor… while the winter storms blow around you, creating picturesque views.

IMG_6729E 140130

IMG_6819E 140130

I’ve attempted to get Monte to experiment by putting spices in the bread dough—parsley, garlic, etc., but it hasn’t worked. If you want to try it add about a teaspoon of the spice to the flour mix. Be brave. Experiment.

IMG_6826E 140205



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  1. Looks easy…even for me! and good!

    Comment by merry101 — February 7, 2014 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

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