January 28, 2014

WP Wkly Writing Challenge: Lunch 1/20/2014



Hugs for Joanne and Mary


Lunch 1/20/2014:


The January 20, 2014, WordPress weekly challenge is write a short(er) post during your lunch hour. During this limited period of time take a look at your surroundings and document what you see.



The couple, old enough to have grown children—even grandchildren—seated themselves at the two-person table adjacent to the six-seater where I sat with two friends, enjoying food and conversation.

He wore a lined flannel plaid shirt, she a worn winter jacket. They walked in as if they were regulars, a fact proven by the waitress’s friendly greeting as she approached the table with glasses of iced water—before they ordered it.

Suddenly, the man jumped. We looked over and saw that his table was overflowing with the water. His reflexes were quite good—he was dry as a towel hung in the hot summer sun to dry.

“I’m so sorry,” she kept apologizing as her cheeks reddened.

It was her fault. She’d tipped the water glass when she set it on the table. It could have been an ugly scene with the man yelling obscenities at her carelessness.

Instead, he was laughing as she ran to get a towel to sop up the liquid. She returned, embarrassed, saying it was the first time in her food service career anything like this had happened.

“It can happen to anyone,” the man said, his wife still laughing.


The incident reminded me of another spilled beverage.

My mother was visiting our family while we lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Monte and I, our two children (13 and 11), and our friends were at a restaurant seated around a large round table.

One teenage girl (I’ll not identify her) commented on the young, good-looking waiter, hinting (or stating—I don’t recall) that she would like to meet him.

The waitress brought our beverages. Serving me last, she set a tall glass of iced tea in front of me. As she departed I reached over to pick up my glass. My finger must have just touched the lip of the glass, because before I could pick it up—well, you know what happened. Iced tea was all over my dishes, silverware, napkin, and yes, my lap.

This was too much for the teenage girl. It was embarrassing. It was klutziness. And she made certain I knew what she thought.

As the young man came over with rags to sop up the mess she kept at it. I tried to stop her to no avail.

But, ahh, a creatively sinister thought came to mind. Yes, I can be vindictive if I want to.

I turned to her.

“Well, I knew you wanted to meet this nice waiter, so I arranged it.”

The words were effective. She was appropriately silenced as the adults began to laugh at the humor of the situation.


I looked over at the couple at the adjacent table. By now the waitress was recovered enough to laugh a little with all of us.

“You handled that so well,” us gals said to the man and his wife as we finished our meal and left.


 If this ever happens to you, remember: It’s best to laugh over spilled beverage.


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  1. Humor can lighten many situations. 🙂

    Comment by merry101 — January 28, 2014 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

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