January 26, 2014

Open Birth Record Legislation Now (1/25/2014) in PA Senate





HB 162 Passed PA House, 1/25/2014

Now in PA Senate

UPDATE: HB 162 Senate Hearing

held by the 

Senate Committee on Aging & Youth

on March 18 at 10:00 a.m. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Continue to support HB162 by contacting

  • Bob Mernsch, chair of the PA Senate, Aging and Youth , 717-787-3110 or 215-541-2388
  • LeeAnna Washington, minority chair: , 717-787-1427 or 215-242-0472
  • Kim Ward, Westmoreland County, vice chair
  • Your PA state Senator


Adult adoptees are everywhere.

They stand in line behind you in the grocery store, sit beside you at conferences, celebrate with you at concerts. It’s likely they are in your family. Perhaps you know this, and wonder about these hidden persons. Perhaps they are a family secret.

Adoptees are in my family—I have an adopted daughter and nephew. Two sisters my mother released for adoption discovered me in 2010 and 2011. They were able to make connection with me because New Hampshire and Massachusetts have open birth record laws for adult adoptees.

They lacked medical/genetic and social/cultural history for more than 60 years. The first thing I said to each of them on our first phone contact was If we never speak again, I want to provide you with your medical history.

On October 23, 2013, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed HB 162 (Benninghoff), which allows Pennsylvania-born adopted adults to obtain their original, factual, birth certificate. There were no “no” votes. It is currently currently in the PA Senate, Aging and Youth Committee.

I encourage you to support HB 162 by contacting your state senator.

If the Senate passes HB 162 it will allow Pennsylvania adult adoptees the same access to their original birth certificates as non adoptees have, and as my sisters had in New England.


Adoptees are the only people in the U.S. that are, as a class, denied the right to view their own birth certificate. This denial of “adult adopted persons access to information related to their births and adoptions has potentially serious, negative consequences with regard to their physical and mental health, according to a 2007 study written by Madelyn Freundlich, the former general counsel for the Child Welfare League of America,

Prior to 1984 things were different. Adult adoptees born in Pennsylvania could access their original birth certificates just as all non-adopted adults who were born in Pennsylvania. In 1984 this equality under law changed upon the enactment of the Adoption Act 195, which took away the right for adult adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates.

As a result Pennsylvania adoptees hold false birth certificates that state they were born to their adoptive parents. Their biological parents’ names are a state secret.


Sealed adoption records are a relic of outmoded depression-era laws created

  • to protect the adoptee, for which there was an underlying fear and stigma that the illegitimate child would be ostracized because of the mother’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy.
  • to   maintain the prerogative of adoptive parents who didn’t tell the child about the adoption and to protect the adoptive family from exposure to embarrassment due to the illegitimacy.
  • to prevent pregnant women from choosing abortion over adoption for fear their relinquished children would be able to discover their birth mothers’ names in eighteen years’ time.
  • to create an adoptive family that are indistinguishable from those formed by birth

Overriding these factors is the need for many adoptees to discover their heritage—medically and socially, and the need of many birthmothers to confirm their child’s status.


I maintain that adult adoptees have a right

  • to information needed to understand of their identities – including the identities of their birthparents and information about their births and adoption. There’s a great solace in even knowing a [birthparent’s] name.
  • to information that can provide them with family, genealogical, and medical history—the latter which can be vitally important in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and illnesses that are genetically-based. The genealogical connection answers questions about heritage, medical issues, and the circumstances surrounding the adoption.

Current secrecy laws denying adult adoptees access to their original birth certificate cause the rest of society to question whether it is “normal” for an adopted person to want to know about his/her identity pre-adoption.

It is normal. It is vital.


Support HB162 by contacting

  • Bob Mernsch, chair of the PA Senate, Aging and Youth , 717-787-3110 or 215-541-2388
  • LeeAnna Washington, minority chair: , 717-787-1427 or 215-242-0472
  • Kim Ward, Westmoreland County, vice chair
  • Don White, Indiana County

Further references on adoption are located in the  online magazine, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS (the Adoption category):


Monte W. Holland is a retired physics professor and retired United Methodist Church pastor.

Carolyn Cornell Holland has worked in the medical field (lab tech). She worked in the human service field (adoption, domestic violence, and child abuse). She received a Children’s Trust Fund grant for a child abuse prevention program which she designed and managed.

We are parents of an adopted daughter and biological son.



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  1. So what about sperm donors?


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  2. Very interesting, Carolyn. thanks for sharing.

    Comment by merry101 — January 26, 2014 @ 10:45 pm | Reply

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