January 16, 2014

WP Daily Prompt 1/13/2014: Ice Skating Competition & A Stored Memory



Hugs for my sisters

WP Daily Prompt 1/13/2014:



The WordPress Daily Prompt for January 13, 2014, was Ripped from the Headlines : click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

I’m cheating a little bit on this Daily Prompt, as I don’t know if I’m using the third headline on the page. However, I was watching for an article with information on which ice skaters were chosen for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
IMG_6535 140111 E“You missed the first ice dance,” my husband informed me.

d been distracted and missed the dance being aired on NBC on January 11th . The 2014 Prudential U. S. Figure Skating Championships pairs competition, would determine the United States participants in the Sochi Olympics. I expected to view the entire program. Five couples competed for 2 Sochi Olympic spots (it was not official that the top two would be chosen—this will be announced at noon Jan 12).

The first skaters I watched were Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, performing their Pairs Short Program. They were first after the Short Program, with a “record total” of 73.13.

Perhaps I was meant to see them first. She is from Cranston, Rhode Island near where I was born and a site we visited September 2013. He is from Boston, having arrived in Sudbury at age 18 months old. He is Russian and speaks the language. They were skating at the same ice rink where they practiced.

The Boston venue added to my interest in this competition It was happening at perhaps at the same ice rink where I witnessed a skating show in December 1948 when I was 4 years old (just about the time I turned 5…Or perhaps I was 5).

I learned later that the original Boston Garden was demolished in 1997, its last event being a preseason game between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens on September 26, 1995. The site where the building once stood is now a parking lot immediately adjacent to the TD Garden.

The now-demolished Boston Garden Arena

The now-demolished Boston Garden Arena

In 1948 my older sister and I lived with our grandparents, Albert and Mabel Briskay, on Spring Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Our Mother lived in Reading, Massachusetts, either going to school or working.

One December day she took a bus to Portsmouth, picked up my sister and me, and took us to Boston by bus. My sister recalls getting sick on that ride. We went to an ice show—either the Ice Capades or the Ice Follies—then stayed overnight where our Mother must have been living, renting a room from an older couple with a son probably her age.

Although I don’t remember the ice show I recall being enthralled by the ice skating and the costumes. It was my first and last ice show.


Before going to the show I stood on a toilet seat while my Mother braided my hair—my sister and I wore braids back then.

CORNELL, CAR 04That’s when a specific memory, that has lasted 6 ½ decades, occurred: my Mother had a big belly.


In January 2010 Darlene discovered me on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS. Her daughter left 3 comments, one with a phone number: We found my mother’s birth certificate and believe we are related…

“I think I’ll bite,” I told my husband Monte.


Perhaps there was something to the comments. Perhaps it was the image of the big belly, which meant nothing to me at age 4-5, but yet must have meant something because it remained for decades. Perhaps it was a chance comment our uncle made to my sister—that our Mother had released two children for adoption.
Darlene is an infant my mother released for adoption when I was 10, which is not timely with my 1948 memory. Could it be that my uncle’s statement was true?

Darlene and I put out a “looking for” request on an adoption site, estimating a birth in January to March 1949.


January 2011 rolled around. Strange activity occurred on my blog—repeated hits on unlikely topics (including a post on my Mother’s memorial service).

“Something’s fishy,” I told Monte.

“Probably not. Someone’s probably doing a research paper.”

“On my Mother?”

On February 2 a comment turned up on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS: I found my birth certificate. I think we’re related. The comment was uncannily familiar, reminiscent of those made just a year before.

This comment included information no one else would have known. I called the number and received a copy of the woman’s birth certificate: born December 28, 1948.

“That matches the image of my memory perfectly,” I told Monte.

When I told my newly discovered sister about the image she welcomed the idea that someone knew about her coming before her birth.


My Mother had released 2 children for adoption. And my memory of my Mother’s big belly proved accurate.

Time has passed. The image of the big belly is slowly fading. I’ll miss it—I’ve owned it for 65 years. Now it’s time to let it go. It served its purpose.
IMG_6531 140111 E These were my thoughts as I watched the U. S. Figure Skating Championships held in Boston, hoping that this Boston hometown skating couple would participate in the Sochi Olympics. Their skating was superb.
So I read the January 13th article, U.S. finalizes Olympic figure skating team, with interest, confirming that s performance would send them to Sochi.IMG_6544 140111E

I wasn’t disappointed. Marissa and Simon, we wish you the best in Sochi.



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