January 5, 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt for 8/18/2013: Procrastination


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Today’s date: January 5, 2014


 The WordPress daily prompt for August 18, 2013, was procrastination.

I was writing it on November 24, 2013. Today, January 5, 2014, is the day I’m publishing it.

I ask you: Is this procrastination or what?


Question: What have I been putting off doing?

My answer: Responding to this post.

Question: Why was I procrastinating?

Answer: It was filed in an out-of-sight site, which was temporarily abandoned for more recent items that would later receive the same treatment.

Simply put, by filing it out of site I could procrastinate and neglect to follow it through. I do that with many items that cross my desk. In fact, paper items crossing my desk are so prolific it’s easy to procrastinate.

I procrastinate on other things too. For example, bunnies and kittens are adorable. Soft fur, snuggly, good companions. However, their fur contributes to what we, for some reason, we call dust bunnies—or dust kittens. These are not so cuddly as they gather under our couches, along the edges of our floors, under our beds. When I operated a child care home, I found a creative means of dealing with the dust bunnies a. k. a. dust kittens. The children decorated a jar, and every morning they opened it to feed their pet bunny or kitty as many dusties as they could find. However as much fun as the kids had caring for their pet-in-a-jar it didn’t make much of a dent in these proliferating collections of whatever.

I don’t have vulnerable little children in my home now. I have to deal with the bunnies a. k. a dust kitties on my own. And most of the time I choose to ignore them. I have better things to be obsessive-compulsive over. I can live with them. That is, until they grow sufficiently huge that I fear they will attack me in the dark of night.

It can be especially mournful eliminating them when you realize that in the process of disposing them you are eliminating a part of yourself. That’s because you are constantly shedding skin cells so that you can have a new body every 7 years. These shedded skin cells become part of those bunnies a. k. a. kittens that hide so well in your home. They join the hair, lint, spider webs, and other miscellany that gather together to create bunnies a. k. a. kittens. Sobeit, when you dispose of the bunnies a. k. a. kittens you are throwing a part of yourself in the trash bucket. And you don’t want to do that to yourself. Thus, procrastination can be a good thing.


Another place I procrastinate is thinning out my overly generous supply of hardcopy materials—books, magazines, newspapers. Yes, the Internet is great for finding information. However, there’s nothing like holding a hard copy, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and stretching your feet out on the couch while reading slowly and feasting on those yummy chocolate covered cherries.

Books and newspapers are valuable and signed copies of books are intrinsically sentimental. I’ve sadly culled my collection of over 2,500 books. However, anyone visiting my home would wonder if I really did find homes for those books I claimed I gave to someone or donated to book sales.


You now should understand that procrastination is a part of my lifestyle. There are other areas where I procrastinate. Too many areas. Handwriting letters, sending cards, checking my calendar…

I choose to take a positive stance on procrastination. If I didn’t procrastinate I wouldn’t understand the joy of completing other tasks in a timely fashion.

Procrastination also makes me normal. I’m certain that procrastination is part of the lifestyle of the majority of the human race. That makes it normal. Therefore, I am normal.

If you, like me, are a procrastinator, you too can experience joy in the rare times you complete a task in a timely fashion, and you too can consider yourself normal.





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  1. I to am a big procrastinator on everything but things get done some how. Tell Monte I will be praying for him to get better fast . May God Bless.

    Comment by LaVere Bennett — March 11, 2014 @ 9:05 am | Reply

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