December 28, 2013

Snow Tubing Part 1: The Holland Family



Hug for all those who snow tube.

Part 1

Marcus with Grandma Holland

Snow tubing provided Marcus and the rest of the family with a day of joy , as the photos in the accompanying post demonstrate. Part 1 is the family’s experience from Marcus’ point of view. Snow Tubing Part 2: Carolyn’s 1st Ride relates my first and last experience riding a snow tube down a steep hill.   Carolyn

It was cold and windy this morning when I awoke. I was excited about going snow tubing, but my brother Vince was less excited because he really wanted to go skiing.

“I don’t want to go skiing,” I said. “I want to go snow tubing.”

Because my cousin Jordan wanted to go snow tubing and she could only go today, my Daddy and Grandpa Holland decided we would go to the Hidden Valley Resort snow tubing hills, tucked in the Laurel Ridge off Rt. 31.

Vince and I went snow tubing during the Cleveland Snow Days when I was 5 and Vince was 7, two years ago. While we were there we also watched the Ohio State versus Michigan hockey game. Unfortunately, Michigan won although we were cheering for Ohio. And we also went ice skating.

The hills (at Hidden Valley) looked big, In Cleveland, the hills were just slanted, in a straight line. Here there was a big slope and a hump, then another straight slope and a second smaller hump.

I wanted to pick the orange tube to ride, but Vince got to it first. I picked a red one because there were only red ones left.
1 A IMG_5410E

Then we went on the conveyor belt, also known as the moving carpet. I liked this because you didn’t have to walk uphill, but I didn’t like it because it moved slow. Everyone but Vince took the conveyor belt to the top of the hill. Vince had run ahead and was almost at the top of the hill when Daddy, Mommy, Jordan and I stepped onto the conveyor belt.

1 b IMG_4953When we reached the top we had to pick one of the four slopes where we climbed into our snow tubes and then a worker, with my Daddy’s help, tied our snow tubes together.

2 IMG_4997EThe worker waited until the coast below was clear, then pushed us down the hill.

3 A  IMG_4958E

Workers keep an eye out for safety.

It was fun that I got to go downhill fast, and got to scream and put my arms up. It was like a roller coaster ride. On the ride snow was blowing in our face. I was cold before the ride, but after the first ride I warmed up a whole lot. After a while I got sweaty under my clothes. I had too many of them on.

“My Daddy had to wave his cap to let my Grandma (Holland) it was us coming down the hill. She was trying to get pictures.”
3 B IMG_5006E

The ride could be as a train (also known as a snake), which is tubes in a line; a bundle, which is a group of tubes, or an individual.

A train (or snake)

A train (or snake)

A bundle

A bundle



I liked the bundle better. So did Jordan. She said it goes faster.


“On one ride my Daddy’s hat fell off. The workers got it. It was a red cap baseball cap, an American Red Cross baseball cap. He had to wave his ap to let us know it was our family coming down the hill. I’d like to snow tube at Hidden Valley again.”

On another ride I fell out of my snow tube.

“It raced down the hill without me. I ran down the hill to catch it. It was fun.” The following photos show the joy I felt while running down the hill:

6 IMG_5490E

7 IMG_5491E

At the end of the session Grandma took one ride down the hill, her first ever. She picked a yellow tube to match her jacket. She will tell you about her ride at Snow Tubing Part 2: Carolyn’s 1st Ride.


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