November 5, 2013

NaBloPoMo —National Blog Posting Month 2013



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I appreciate the concept of National Novel Writing Month, scheduled annually in November.

However, I’ve attempted to participate two times an “failed” each time. The major problem is that November is NOT a great time to try to write a novel. It has too many nice days, the last throes of fall, and outside yard work calls. In addition it precedes the triple whammy—Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s—major holidays which demand much attention even in early November (if I don’t want to be smushed under a time avalanche, I need to hop to it before Thanksgiving). Then there are the family/friends birthdays…

Complicating things is the fact that my novel’s historicity demands more attention than just sitting and writing. I must check facts—I cannot have two characters meeting in Boston on a particular date if one can be shown to be in Philadelphia or Maine on that date.

To remove the complications, this year I designated April as my NaNoWriMo. My limited November experience supported the April time: it was great to just sit down and free-write. Still, the novel was slowed by some historicity—I didn’t want to write and have to rewrite the entire work.

Today—the fourth day of November—I discovered WordPress blog hosting site’s National Blog Posting Month—NaBloPoMo. OK, so I missed one day (my regular posting schedule brought me up to date to today), so I will extend my posts one day into December. It fits the rules, well, the idea of the rules.

The challenge is to produce one post a day, no matter how long or short.

A breeze. My photograph collection will make for easy posting on my normally unscheduled posting days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Yesterday’s was W-P Weekly Photo Challenge 10/25/2013: Horizon (goofed up on emails, so if you have a subscription and received an email, visit the post online to see it done correctly).

No, I wouldn’t like to (more…)

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