November 2, 2013

November 2013 Welcome Message

Carolyn’s Compositions Welcome Message

Today’s wordpress daily prompt presented its own perspective: Bloggers have their own Hallowe’en, during which they go from blog to blog collecting treats. What treats will my blog hand out?

As I ponder this message in the midst of my community’s Hallowe’en Trick or Treaters at my door I realize  that in October my blog, what I consider an online magazine, has collected and/or shared many treats, as it has throughout its existence.

CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS offers mystery , recipes , current events , holiday activities for children , journaling (fragments of my life journey), photography — a look through the categories (on the right side of the blog) takes you to many more treats.

I must note that CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS does have one trick. I did not realize that deleting photographs from my media file meant they would no longer be available to my site. This is the last down discovery made this month. I apologize for the many pictures that are “no longer available.”

As for October, on our return from traveling to New England we had much housework to do, as September in my community was warm and damp—following a truly wet summer. We did manage to do some fun things in the midst of our catch-up work, such as a ghost walk in Greensburg, PA.

What didn’t get done in October was a lot of writing. November is here now, and I have ventured into the novel yet again. Hopefully there will be some real results before Thanksgiving.

Enjoy November. For us, it is followed by coming winter snow, which might hold off until after this year holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all… Carolyn Cornell Holland


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